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Corona Virus info Peru + Bolivia

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Update 23-03-2020

Dear Peru traveler,

As you have probably heard for yourself, the world of travels has been shaken up by the Corona virus.

In Peru, there are 363 cases of corona, but suddenly the government surprised us by canceling flights to and from Europe from March 16, 2020, and this for a minimum of 30 days. All schools, museums and events have also been canceled. Afterwards, it is examined whether this time should be extended or not. At the bottom also a message from the Belgian embassy in Lima.

This has a major impact for us but also for you.

We immediately took action and urgently negotiated at most hotels, trains and excursions.

EXCEPTIONALLY during the coronavirus, we managed to get that

1 / You can cancel free of charge if you do this up to 15 days before arrival in Peru during  corona block for traveling to Peru( if we can get all cost back from hotels – buses and services in peru)

2 / THIS ALSO exceptional for trekking, including inca trail in (March and April only for the moment to change for an other ate in 2020 ), this means that permits are released that are salable again.

3 / you can change your travel dates free of charge (subject to availability of hotels and hikes for the newly chosen dates) We also hear from most international airlines that this change of dates allows without a service changing fee. If you choose 2021, we have to look if entree fee Machu picchu and local air tickets are stil valid ( Max 12 Month after starting date)

4 / the only thing we cannot change (at the moment) are the local flights, which are currently very strict and require a changing fee + payment of a difference in price for the other preferred dates. Flights are valid only 12 month.

5 / if you have already made a deposit, this deposit remains valid for another trip within 365 days, counting from the dates you normally had to arrive, without a changing fee.

In addition, we try to agree with all the hotels and operators not to increase the price in 2021, so that we can offer the same trip, extended to 2021, at the same price. This is confirmed 100% later.

NOTE that we notice that the hotel you have chosen is difficult this year and does not cooperate for a solution, we may choose another comparable hotel in the same price range next year.

We hope to be of service to you with this. Together we look for the best solution to get through these difficult times! A satisfied customer is our best promotion.

We do our best to keep everyone happy.

Strength in these difficult times, and greetings from

Dirk and the Southamerica planet team



Report from the Belgian Embassy in Lima


With the publication of two emergency decrees to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Peru, the Peruvian government has decided to cancel flights to and from Europe and Asia from Monday, March 16, 2020 for a period of 30 days. This decision is based on the resolution of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and on a decree of 13 March 2020 from the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications

Tourists who do not intend to stay in Peru for a long period are advised to leave the country as soon as possible and contact their travel agency or airline.

If you choose to stay in Peru, we ask that you respect the decisions of the Peruvian authorities and follow the measures taken by the Peruvian authorities to avoid being infected or infecting other people, as well as following the protocols of the local authorities (especially if you have recently arrived in Peru and need to respect the isolation)

To monitor the current situation regarding the coronavirus, we recommend that you follow the following local authority website:


or call 113 for free or send an email to WhatsApp (+51) 952 842 623.

Also consult the “travel advice” on our website, which is regularly updated



With best regards,

Koenraad Lenaerts


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Corona Virus info Peru + Bolivia

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