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Learn Spanish using Skype online, personal private lessons

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Lourdes Costa – lourdes

Translator – Spanish teacher

Lourdes was born in Lima, Peru where she studied Translation (EN-FR>SP),  got her University degree and worked in the administrative area of several international organizations as a translator and secretary.  In 1998 she got married and moved to Antwerp, Belgium.  Since then she works as a translator and as a Spanish teacher (e-learning).

Her courses are tailored made, adapted to the participant´s level (according to the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference) objectives and goals.  She uses updated pedagogical material as well as articles taken from newspapers, magazines and/or business documents.  Videos and recordings are also included in her training.

E-learning offers a wide range of advantages:

1) Flexible hours and places for your training:  date, hour and place are scheduled according to your and her availability:  she calls you wherever and whenever you are!

2)  30 or 60 min lesson on skype available from Monday to Friday from 8 am until 9 pm.

3)    Practical way to squeeze your lesson in the busiest agenda!

4)   Ideal learning conditions to focus in understanding and producing a speech.

“E-learning is fun and unstressed!”

A free trial:

1 session of 20 to 30 min free of charge:


  • Assess student´s level, fluency, pronunciation, and grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and purpose of the training.
  • Introduce method to the student so that he/she gets familiar with it.
  • Break the ice and get to know each other → feel at ease afterwards.

Tailor-made course:

  • Considering the participant´s level (according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)) and purpose of his/her training, choose the most convenient material (textbooks, exercises (oral, written or interactive), videos, games, images, songs, etc.) leading to reach the goals of the training.
  • A programme that responds to his/her needs and objectives is conceived and developed.  It will be the teacher´s guidelines and will assure a good training progress.  Nevertheless, the method is flexible enough to include the participant´s suggested topics of interest, extra exercises (on demand), etc.
  • After each lesson the participant receives (by email) a feedback

Communication requirements

  • Skype account and/or Voip account Voipbuster (the sessions are held on any of these means of communication)
  • Email address (to send  feedback, material or messages)
  • Land-line and/or mobile phone number (for urgent matters: lessons delay or last minute cancellations due to urgent issues)

General conditions

  • Packages of 20, 30, 50 or 100 sessions (30 or 60 minute/lesson)
  • Minimum 2 sessions per week recommended (available from Monday to Friday, and exceptionally Sat. morning)
  • Appointments made a week (or 2) in advance.
  • Cancellations can occur (very seldom) 24 hrs. in advance (minimum) by email or text message.
  • If no reason for cancellation, lesson will be counted as given.
  • After the training a Final Report can be issued showing the progress from the beginning to the end of the course (reached level), the participant´s attitude (if necessary), the contents of the course and some recommendations.

Why Spanish E-Learning?


  • Flexible hours and places (the participant can receive his/her lesson wherever he/she is and whenever he/she wishes) on this way we assure a continued practice.
  • 30 or 60 minute lessons, easy to schedule even in a busy agenda!

Concentration & Efficiency

  • Ideal learning conditions to focus in understanding and producing a speech.


  • Tailor-made courses, adapted to the participant´s level, objectives and goals.
  • Updated pedagogical material used
  • Continued adjustment of the programme according to the participant´s progress.

Lourdes Costa

Professional Spanish Training


Translator (EN-FR > SP)

Skype:      lourdescostaa

E mail:    

lourdes.costa@skynet.be  or


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Categories: News

Learn Spanish using Skype online, personal private lessons

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