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Special group tour, wonders of North – South Peru, Lima, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca canyon, Titicaca, Cusco, Machu picchu, Trujillo, Chiclao, chachapoyas, cajamarca

Tour for 26  days wonders of  North + South Peru Possible extension Jungle








Tour is leaving only in private in English  
*You can choose the date, the kind of hotels
*We can arrannge English speaking tourleader

*For the fixed date 1 june 2019 tour, group with Dutch speaking  tourleader, take a look at the Dutch page








How Do we work ?
Our tours are with an English speaking tour leader, he travel all the time with you and the group, he is no guide but after many years working in Peru/Bolivia he knows what a tourist need ! Or you  can do in private without tourleader.
He support and translate at any problem. He gives you general info in every place, enough info, so you can discover the beauty of this country by yourself, or with members of the group. We promote a lot of freedom and flexibility in our tours, we call it alone in group. You do your thing with the comfort of a group while de tour leader arrange your excursion or bus tickets. This tour you can book as a private tour.

Kind Of Tour
This is an easy but adventure tour for all ages. Open – young minded persons is what we are looking for. Leave your western look home and just enjoy the beauty of this Andean country. Accept that its different, we come to admire the country, not to change it!
We use good 3 *** hostels / hotels central located
With this tour you have a good idea from Total Peru.

selfie lama









What is Included
* All bus transport
* All  hotels/ Hostals with private bathroom all very clean and central located
* All hotels are based on double room , if you are single and don’t mind to share the room with a man or women from an other sexes, there is no surcharge, if you like a single rooms there’s an extra cost and you have to tell us in advance !
* All buses are based on good local buses, sometimes private if written in the program, because we go on not touristic northern part, the roads can be sometimes difficult and bustransport not always comfortable.
* All breakfast in the hotels included !

Not Included
* Your food, in the hotels is breakfast included
* The entry fees
* The excursions, everything with the blue excursion sign, below there is a list of all the estimated prices.
* Insurance, everybody is obligated to have there own travel insurance from home, before starting this trip









* Chan chan in trujillo
* huaca sol y luna
* Lord of sipan
* Cajamarca ( the cusco of the north )
* Leymabamba Mummys
* Kuelap Fort
* Chachapoyas and surroundings
* Total south Peru including Machu Picchu










Day 1 Departure
Departure direction Peru

Day 2 Lima –Chiclayo
you arrive in Lima, where we will visit as excursion  city tour with the Larco Museum. In the afternoon  flight to Chiclayo.
Someone of  Southamerica planet is at the airport to meet you. Transfers + hotel in Chiclayo








Day 3 Chiclayo
This day its possible to go in an excursion to one of the most important and beautiful museums of Peru. Lambayeque, here is the highly recommended  musea de las Tumbas Reales de Sipan, where is the magnificent treasure from the tomb of a Moche warrior/ priest, discovered in 1987. This museum has more than two thousand pieces made of gold. This modern museum houses discoveries from the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, considered one of the most important archeological findings in Peru. You’ll be dazzled by the gold and jeweled items on display.The access to the museum is through a ramp, similar just as it was the access to the ancients Moche Temples. In the second floor you could appreciate a replica of the funeral chamber for a Moche noble warrior called The Lord of Sipan. Also you can appreciate the ornaments how they were recovered in the tomb. Later we drive 35 km further to the ruins of the 26 pyramids of TUCUME. In the evening transfer to busterminal to take the night bus to Chachapoyas.









Day 4+5  Chachapoyas
We arrive early/ transfer to our hotel. Excursion to Karajia and Quiocta Cave
Your first stop is the town of Cruzpata, wher we start for the hike to the Karajia sarcophagi, 1000 year old tombs placed at the top of a cliff. Each sarcophagus stands almost 2 meters tall, are made of mud. After lunch we can visit  Quiocta Cave, a major natural attraction in the town of Lamud. There are cave paintings, usually shapeless, as well as animal and human bones at the cave entrance. The Chachapoyas used caves for burial sites. The first cave formations are seen nearly 300 meters from the mouth of the cave, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, columns. You will spend the night  in Chachapoyas.

Other  day  as excursion trip to  the small town of Cocachimba, which is en route to Gocta Falls, the world’s third largest after Angel Falls in Venezuela. You will have to walk 5 kilometers to reach the site of the waterfall on a trail that cuts through thick vegetation, but the effort is well worth it for you are rewarded with a wonder of nature set within a lovely locality.
The Gocta Falls have been known in the area for centuries but it was not until 2002 that a German engineer saw the size of the Gocta Falls and measured that they could easily fall into the top ten highest falls on earth. The falls are 771 meters high. The falls are divided in two sections with the tallest section measuring 540 meters. The falls are located in an area about 2800 meters above sea-level which is known for its virgin rainforest. The region is not widely travelled and one of the true unknown gems Peru has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts.










Day 6  Kuelap – Leymabamba
This morning we start our next adventure. We drive with our private car thru villages and climb as excursion, up to the amazing pré – Excursion Inca  Ruins of  “KUELAP”,  situated at  3000m and discoverd in 1843. A major archeological site built by the Chachapoyasand from 2017 a new cable car.  It is a massive stone structure located at the top of a 3000 meter tall mountain. It is located on the left bank of the Uctubamba River in the Province of Luya. t covers 450 hectares and consists of more than 500 circular houses and other buildings surrounded by finely-worked stone walls, some of which rise to 30 meters high. Seen from above, the city has the shape of a bird’s wing. Experts place its construction with the golden age of the Chachapoyas culture. In their native language, Kuelap means “cold place”, and while this site is in the rainforest, it enjoys a temperate climate, dry during the day with extreme drops in temperature at night. Comparing Kuelap with Peru’s most famous destination, Machu Picchu, and we can say that Kuelap was more impressive because of the lack of visitors.  You will spend the night in the small village of Leymabamba.









Day 7 Leymabamba – Laguna de condores
This is our base to explore the museum and nabour villages. excursion/ Inaugurated in Jdores by a salvage Project directed by Centro Mallqui. Once at risk from looters and vandals, today this valuable collection is housed in the Museo Leymebamba. The preservation of the human remains from the Laguna de los Cóndores is extrune 2000, the Museo Leymebamba displays the more than 200 mummies and their burial offerings recovered in 1997 from the Laguna de los Cónaordinary. What could account for such preservation in an area of high rainfall and humidity. In spite of the rainy climate and the water, which often falls in sheets from the overhand protecting the chullpas, the dry ledge where the chullpas are located harbors and dry and cold microclimate that contributed to the preservation of the organic remains. After the museum we can walk around to the nabour villages. Or we also can drive to Revash. We stay overnight in Leymabamba.









Day 8  Leymabamba – Cajamarca 
Today we have a long bus ride thru amazing nature.  It takes about 10 h, from mountain top to deep valley. We arrive in the evening at Cajamarca, Cusco of the north of Peru. Here we can find manny colonial churches








Day 9 Cajamarca
Today we have time to discover this area. In the morning we take as excursion,  to “ventanillas de Otusco “. This is a Pre Inca rock with many holes. After this visit we start a walk in this area for about 2 h to the “Banos de los Incas “ Inca bath hot spring. In these clean bath we can enjoy the hot water.
Hotel in Cajamarca







Day 10  Cajamarca- Trujillo
Today we take the local bus to Trujillo.  6 h bus, slowly going down to the coast,  thru amazing nature. Than we drive to the Coast village Huanchaco. Here for sure we eat fish in the evening.
Hotel in Trujillo or Huanchaco









Day 11 Trujillo – Lima
We visit as excursion, Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimú Empire, It extended over more than 18 km2. The Tschudi Palace, placed in the southwest of Chan Chan, is one of the most well-preserved and well-decorated palaces. It is decorated with geometric shapes and low-relieves animal draws. You’ll also visit the ceremonial places, the grain stores and the cemetery. It’s a huge urban complex made of a kind of mud called adobe. The greatness and perfection of this city is expressed in its high decorated walls, long passages, ceremonial squares, palaces, workshops and warehouses. There was room for 100,000 people, virtually a city-state.After this we drive to the pyramids of “Arco iris” ,also known as “Huaca El Dragon”, built by the Chimu culture between the 11th and the 15th century and surrounded by a 6 meters high wall. and “Huaca de la luna and sol “, here the archaeologists still do every day new discoveries. In the evening, transfer to the airport, flight to Lima and we stay the night in Lima.









Day 12: Paracas
After breakfast we take the bus till Paracas, around 4 h drive.
We have a hotel close to the harbour. You can walk in the harbour, enjoy the seafood, or do the excursion to the paracas reserve. Hotel in Paracas







Day 13: Nasca
We go direct to the port, for de excursion to Ballestas islands, its 1 ½ H by speedboat, the islands are full of sea lions  and birds. In the port we can relax with a cup coffee before we go with our private transport to “EL CATADOR “ the Pisco brewery. Here we can see the whole making process and taste the Pisco. After this tasting process we drive to our next relaxing destination,”HUACACHINA” this is an oasis in the desert, here you can do some excursion sand boarding or jeep on the big sand dunes. Later on we continue to Nazca , where we arrive in the late afternoon. Hotel Nasca with swimming pool









Day 14: Nasca
After breakfast, in the morning or afternoon (depending on the weather) you can take the excursion the flight over the amazing Nasca lines ,
Approximately 45 minutes, the mysterious Nasca Lines are on a flat land of 500 km2. They were made by the Nazca people (Nasca Culture) and there are several theories about their origin, none of them with enough proofs to take as real.After or before we can do the excursion to chauchilla cemetery, at night around 10 PM  we take the luxury local night bus  for around 10 h to Arequipa where we arrive around 7 AM.









Day 15: Arequipa
Early in the morning we arrive in Arequipa, at 2325 m ,the white city with his amazing misti volcano, transfer to our hotel. Here we can relax ,after our night bus ,its also good to get used to the altitude before we go to the canyon .Time free to visit this beautiful city , visit the star of Arequipa “The MUMMY JUANITA “or the” Santa Catalina monastery”, or you can go on excursion rafting on the Rio Chile, or do the reality tour. In the evening you can try in one of the many restaurants the local “CUY” or marmot or the great alpaca meat,1 night hotel. Hotel  Arequipa








Day 16: Arequipa
Free day to visit this beautiful city, or to do some excursions. This is good to acclimatize before we start climbing to the colca canyon. Hotel  Arequipa









Day 17 : colca
Start of the 2 days 1night Colca canyon tour included in this tour. After breakfast we start the tour with our private bus.We have many photo stops to see this beautiful canyon, with his many vicuñas/Lamas /volcano’s . We arrive in the small Village of Chivay were we take lunch ,in the afternoon you can swim in the hot spring as an excursion, and in the evening its possible to take a meal with folkloristic dances. 1 night hotel in the small village of Chivay.







Day 18 : Colca Puno
After early breakfast we leave to the condor cross to see this amazing bird “The CONDOR ,. Its still nature, so we cant promise you anything, but the Canyon is real worth a visit also without the condor. If you see one, just take it as some extra!! It’s the best place for a breathtaking view of the canyon with the Colca River flowing 1,200 meters below. We visit the hanging tombs at Choquetico before continuing to the towns of Maca, Achoma and Yanque with its lovely white church. We return back to Chivay for lunch, before driving further with our private bus to Puno. Hotel in puno









Day 19 :Puno
After breakfast we go for excursion by boat for a visit to the Uros floating reed islands, the guide explain everything over the Islands and the Titicaca lake, after this we go to Taquile island, here they have there own way of live. Men’s are knitting the clothes, no animals or cars allowed on the island. Here we have some lunch, most of the time trout from the lake.
From here we take the boat back to Puno. 1 Night Puno








Day 20+21 : Cusco
After breakfast we take around 8 AM our local bus to Cusco, or you take optional the andean exploreer train or wonder peru bus with stops and guide.  its 6 to 7 h over beautiful road and views over the sacred valley, mountain passes from more than 4300mt.  Transfer to our hotel in Cusco. Day 21 you can do manny optional excursions in cusco, or just wonder around in this amazing city.








Day 22: Sacred valley and train to Aquas calientes
This morning we visit the sacred valley with Chinchero and ollantaytambo. In the afternoon we take the train Ollantaytambo to Aqua Calientes, this is the village close to Machu Picchu. There’s also a big tourist market and its much warmer than Cusco, because it’s the border of the jungle. You can visit the hot springs.
We stay overnight in a hotel in Aqua calientes.









Day 23: Machu Picchu – Cusco
This morning you go on excursion, very early to Machu Picchu by bus, this to seethe sunrise over these amazing ruins,here you go with a English speaking guide, in the afternoon we will take the train back to Ollantaytambo or Cusco, transfer to our hotel in cusco. Hotel in Cusco










Day 24 : Cusco
Cusco, here you can do many things, this day you can sleep some longer, and in the afternoon you can do theexcursion  citytour, here you visit the cathedral /temple of the sun /saqsaywoman /quenca/puca pucara, the ruins above Cusco additional you can also visit these Ruins by horse to see the beautiful surroundings of Cusco. Its real worth to buy the Cusco visitor ticket ,130 sol, for the most of the entrees to ruins and museums in and around Cusco /hotel Cusco.








Day 25 :Lima
Transfer to the airport and flight to Lima, depending on your flight back home, you can drop your luggage in the airport. People who’s flight home is some later, can take a taxi to by yourself Miraflores to finish this Peru adventure on a terrace near the seafront in Miraflores International flight. The tour leader stay in Cusco






Day 26: home
Arrive at Home

Help us to help poor people!

Give us your second hand clothes, the ones you don,t need anymore after your trip, so we give them to the poor people ! Help








General Info

People who like to do the very famous INCATRAIL , the 2 or 4 days  (look at this website for the program ) have to make reservation for this ,together with the reservation of this tour. This Inca trail is so popular that it need more than 60 days reservation in advance !

Incatrail 4 days 325 Euro extra a person during the tour and Incatrail 2 days 269 Euro extra a person










Its also possible to extend your stay with one of our jungle trips to Manu or Puerto Maldonado, before you go home
289 euro a person 3 days Puerto excluding  flights
357 Euro a peron 4 days Puerto maldonado excluding flights
The flights we can arrange or you buy in total package as airpas

General information
Single 425 Euro Extra
We advice to bring with you around 790 EURO pocket  money

Departures 2020!!

Special group tour, wonders of North – South Peru, Lima, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca canyon, Titicaca, Cusco, Machu picchu, Trujillo, Chiclao, chachapoyas, cajamarca

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