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Individual only North Peru, only the highlights of North Peru

Tour  16 days north Peru, with Lima, Trujillo, chiclayo, chachapoyas, Huaraz hotels/transport and excursions included
From Lima  to —Lima

Also possible to start in Huaraz and finish In Tarapoto/ to fly Back to Lima


You can choose this tour in 3 options 

1/ Budget tour : in hostals/ local transport / excursions in international group

2/classic tour: in 3* hotels/ mix local transport – private / mix private excursions – international group

3/ Luxe tour: all 4 * hotels /( where possible) private transport / private excursions/ included entree fees


How do we work
In our packet, you travel all by yourself, Southamerica planet take care for you, we reserve all your hotels and transport. When you arrive in Peru you find in your first hotel an envelop with all the vouchers for hotels /buses and excursions. The excursions you do in International groups with English speaking guides.
Our local agent arrange also your transfers and give you the bus tickets to go from  A to  B, like this, you travel around by yourself but without worry’s, all arranged thru  southamerica planet. If there are any problems, you always find support by contacting our office in Cusco or Lima! During your tour we always have contact with the office by Whatsapp .

What is included?
*All bus/ all hotels/hostals and all the tours as indicated in the program.
*All your vouchers, information packet, like general info over all the places you visit.
*All hotels are based on double room with private bathroom, single rooms on request for an extra price, all buses are based on good buses


Not included
*Your food, in the hotels is breakfast included.
*The entry fees and taxes
* national flights ( we can arrange)


Day 1: Lima
Arrive at Lima airport, someone from Southamerica planet pick you up from the airport and bring you to your first hotel in Lima or Miraflores.
First day  in Lima. Today you have a half day city tour in Lima. The tour begins with a visit to historic downtown Lima, also known as “the City of the Kings”. Stops include the Main Square of Lima, upon which sits the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, and the City Hall, next on the itinerary is a visit to the Santo Domingo Convent. You also drive thru Miraflores and san isidro. In the afternoon you can visit by yourself Colonial Barranco,  museo national de Arqueologia, in pueblo libre or larco museo” the best museum in Peru”. Or walk at the seafront in Miraflores. The city tour is with an English speaking guide, it takes 3 h. The tour start and finish in your hotel.
city tour in lima
hotel/hostal in lima
not included
entree fee
lunch + diner

Day 2: Chiclayo 
Transfer to the airport, flight to Chiclayo, transfer to your hotel in Chiclayo. In the afternoon you can visit Chiclayo and the busy market, there’s also the witches market. Along with the massive semi-covered market lanes – part of which is called the Feria Balta – this is the main focus of activity in town. Known as the Mercado Modelo, the main part of the Central Market is packed with food vendors at the center, and other stalls around the outside. This is one of the best markets in the north – and a revelation if you’ve just arrived in the country. There’s a whole section of live animals, including canaries and even the occasional condor chick, and you can’t miss the ray fish, known as la guitarra, hanging up to dry in the sun before being made into a local specialty, pescado seco. But the most compelling displays are the herbalists’ shops, or mercado de brujos (witches’ market), selling everything from herbs and charms to whale bones and hallucinogenic cactus.
Transfer in lima
Transfer in Chiclayo
hotel/hostal in Chiclayo
not included
Lunch + diner
Flight to Chiclayo


Day 3: Chiclayo
This day you go to one of the most important and beautiful museums of Peru. Lambayeque, here is the highly recommended new museo de las Tumbas Reales de Sipan, where is the magnificent treasure from the tomb of a Moche warrior/ priest, discovered in 1987. This museum has more than two thousand pieces made of gold. This modern museum houses discoveries from the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, considered one of the most important archeological findings in Peru. You’ll be dazzled by the gold and jeweled items on display. The access to the museum is through a ramp, similar just as it was the access to the ancients Moche Temples. In the second floor you could appreciate a replica of the funeral chamber for a Moche noble warrior called The Lord of Sipan. Also you can appreciate the ornaments how they were recovered in the tomb.We also visit the 35 km further away, the ruins of the 26 pyramids of TUCUME.
Excursion in Chiclayo Full day in group
Hotel – Hostal in Chiclayo
not included
Lunch + diner


Day 4: Chiclayo 
Today you can visit beautiful Sican Museum in Ferrenafe. Or you can go to Chaparrí, the first recognized Private Conservation Area (ACP) of Peru. The Reserve recovered its natural habitat consisting of a huge variety of wild fauna including animals in danger of extinction, such as the spectacled bear, the white-winged guan and the Andean condor. Or  visit The Pómac Forest Historic Sanctuary, this is located in Pítipo district, Ferreñafe province, Lambayeque department, on the northern coast (close to Chiclayo). The Sanctuary contains the most dense formation of carob trees on the planet. The sanctuary was created on 1 June 2001 to conserve the cultural and scenic unity of the forest of Pómac and the Sicán archaeological complex. It covers an area of 5,887.38 hectares at an altitude of between 80 and 300 metres above sea level. The site contains 36 pyramids from the pre-Inca Sicán civilisation,

These tours are optional! . In the afternoon you will take the night bus to Chachapoyas, it takes about 11 h .
Transfer to the busterminal
Night bus to Chachapoyas
not included
Excursions Sican or Batan grande Chaparri or pomac

Lunch + diner

Day 5 :Chachapoyas
You arrive early in Chachapoyas and go to your hotel, today you can relax in this border jungle town and walk around to surrounded viewpoints, hotel Chachapoyas.

hotel/hostal in chachapoyas
Transfer inn
not included
lunch + diner


Day 6 :Chachapoyas
Excursion to Karajia and Quiocta Cave
Your first stop is the town of Cruzpata, wher we start for the hike to the Karajia sarcophagi, 1000 year old tombs placed at the top of a cliff. Each sarcophagus stands almost 2 meters tall, are made of mud. After lunch we can visit  Quiocta Cave, a major natural attraction in the town of Lamud. There are cave paintings, usually shapeless, as well as animal and human bones at the cave entrance. The Chachapoyas used caves for burial sites. The first cave formations are seen nearly 300 meters from the mouth of the cave, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, columns.
You will spend the night  in Chachapoyas.
hotel/hostal in chachapoyas
Excursion in internat group
not included 
lunch + diner

Day 7 :Chachapoyas
This morning we start our next adventure. We drive thru villages and climb up to the amazing pré – Inca  Ruins of  “KUELAP”,  situated at  3000m and discoverd in 1843. A major archeological site built by the Chachapoyas. It is a massive stone structure located at the top of a 3000 meter tall mountain. It is located on the left bank of the Uctubamba River in the Province of Luya. t covers 450 hectares and consists of more than 500 circular houses and other buildings surrounded by finely-worked stone walls, some of which rise to 30 meters high. Seen from above, the city has the shape of a bird’s wing. Experts place its construction with the golden age of the Chachapoyas culture. In their native language, Kuelap means “cold place”, and while this site is in the rainforest, it enjoys a temperate climate, dry during the day with extreme drops in temperature at night. Comparing Kuelap with Peru’s most famous destination, Machu Picchu, and we can say that Kuelap was more impressive because of the lack of visitors.  You will spend the night at in  Chachapoyas. There is a cable car sinds 2017.
hotel/hostal in chachapoyas
Excursion in international group
not included 
lunch + diner

Day 8 :Chachapoyas
Today visit of  Gocta Falls
The day trip begins at the small town of Cocachimba, which is en route to Gocta Falls, the world’s third largest after Angel Falls in Venezuela. You will have to walk 5 kilometers to reach the site of the waterfall on a trail that cuts through thick vegetation, but the effort is well worth it for you are rewarded with a wonder of nature set within a lovely locality.
The Gocta Falls have been known in the area for centuries but it was not until 2002 that a German engineer saw the size of the Gocta Falls and measured that they could easily fall into the top ten highest falls on earth. The falls are 771 meters high. The falls are divided in two sections with the tallest section measuring 540 meters. The falls are located in an area about 2800 meters above sea-level which is known for its virgin rainforest. The region is not widely travelled and one of the true unknown gems Peru has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Later this evening we take the night bus to Chiclao.
Transfer out
Nightbus to Chiclao
Excursion in internat group to gocta
not included 
lunch + diner
optional you can go day 1 at arrival to gocta lodge in front of the water fall, amazing views to relax after long bus ride.

Day 9 Trujillo
We arrive early in chiclayo. There a private car wait for us to bring us in 3 h to Trujillo / huanchaco. Huanchaco where you can relax in a hotel close to the beach.Temples, pyramids and mud cities that survive the inclement weather: Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol y la Luna and El Brujo. The area offers stunning colonial architecture and living culture with deep-rooted traditions, such as fishing on Caballitos de Tortora (the traditional reed rafts of the northern coast), and famous beaches that attract surfers from around the world.This is the birthplace of the sensual and seductive “marinera”, the national dance of Peru.

Hotel Huanchaco or Trujillo
Private Carr to Huanchaco
Hotel- Hostal Huanchaco or Trujillo
not included 
lunch + diner

Day 10 Trujillo
We visit today or  yesterday Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimú Empire, It extended over more than 18 km2.The Tschudi Palace, placed in the southwest of Chan Chan, is one of the most well-preserved and well-decorated palaces. It is decorated with geometric shapes and low-relieves animal draws. You’ll also visit the ceremonial places, the grain stores and the cemetery. It’s a huge urban complex made of a kind of mud called adobe. The greatness and perfection of this city is expressed in its high decorated walls, long passages, ceremonial squares, palaces, workshops and warehouses. There was room for 100,000 people, virtually a city-state.After this we drive to the pyramids of “Arco iris” , also known as “Huaca El Dragon”, built by the Chimu culture between the 11th and the 15th century and surrounded by a 6 meters high wall. and “Huaca de la luna and sol “, here the archaeologists still do every day new discoveries.
Excursion Trujillo in international group
Hotel- Hostal Huanchaco or Trujillo
not included
Lunch + diner

Day 11 Trujillo
Today you have free time or you can visit complejo brujo met senora de Cao. Huaca Prieta, Huaca Cao and Huaca Cortada. Researchers have found evidence of occupation from the Preceramic period (5,000 years ago). Seeing the large, 30-metre high adobe pyramid (sacrificial wall), whose walls are decorated with rich Moche iconography, is a must. The best-known image is the “Degollador de Cabezas” (Head Slaughterer), one of the most important polychrome friezes. The figure is repeated in the ritual scenes depicted in the ceramics. we take in the  late afternoon the night bus for around 10 h to Huaraz, the cordillera blanca ! You climb up a winding road to 3090 mt altitude. This is a luxury bus.
Luxe night bus tu Huaraz
not included
lunch + diner

Day 12 Huaraz
Transfer to your hostal or hotel. Today you can discover this scenic city. In the morning you can visit the busy market, in the afternoon you take local transport, up to the ruins of willkawain from the Huari empire, from here we have a beautiful view over Huaraz , than you can walk down, about 2 ½ h to Monterrey from where you take a local bus back to Huaraz.  The Cordillera Blanca is one of the highest mountain ranges in the world outside the Himalayas, and its 18 ostentatious summits of more than 6000m will not let you forget it for a second.

hotel/hostal in Huaraz
Transfer in
not included
Lunch + diner


Day 13:  Huaraz

Lake Llanganuco – Callejón de Huaylas is one of the most popular tour in Huaraz where you can see Huascaran mountain with 6768 meters above sea level, the tropical highest mountain and visit popular towns like: Carhuaz, Yungay, Caraz y Tarica.
The tour start at 9:30 in the morning. During this tour we visit many places like: Carhuaz where we’ll stay for 30 minutes to visit its principal main square and church. Carhuaz is well known for its natural ice cream made with fruit and liqueur. Then we continue to Yungay (campo santo) where we stay for 1 hour to visit. Yungay was affected by the earthquake in 1970 and an avalanche that buried the city. Llanganuco lake is a beautiful sightseeing place where we’ll stay for 1 hour and you can take photograph, walk and eat some typical food. Then we visit Caraz, its main square and its principal church where we can eat manjar blanco sweet and we visited Taricá is the last stop where we can buy souvenirs. This tour is with a guide who will explain everything about the history of each touristic place. The tours finishes at 7:30pm approximately with hotel drop-off. Or you can go to the glacier of Pastoruri. Hotel in Huaraz
hotel/hostal in Huaraz
Excursion in Spanish
not included
Entree fees + English speaking guide ( optional )

Chavin Trekking from Huaraz, Peru over Olleros to the ruines of Chavin de huantar

Day 14 : Huaraz 
A magic tour, Chavin de Huantar is located in Ancash, Peru. It’s an amazing building of 3000 years approximately, belong to Chavin Culture (Pre inca). Chavin de Huantar was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

The tour start at 9:00 in the morning with a cultural tour where we will pass for some traditional towns like Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac, etc. where the guide will explain about the history and customs of each town. The first stop will be in Querococha Lagoon (3980 masl) which is 20 minutes approximately from where we’re going to see in Pucaraju and Yanamarey mountain. Then we continue the tour and in the way we can see the natural formation of the map of Peru from an exact point. We’ll pass the Cahuish Tunnel (4516 masl) and after 1-hour approximately we arrive to Chavin de Huantar to visit the archaeological center for 2-hours. Inside we visit the galleries, Lanzon de Chavin that is a big stone with 4.53 meters, Cabeza Clava in its original position, El altar de Choquechinchay, etc. After that we will have lunch in Chavin de Huantar Town for 1-hour and finally we will visit the museum where we can find many pieces like ceramics, cabezas clavas, etc. This museum join important pieces were found throughout the investigation.The tours finishes at 7:30pm approximately with hotel drop-off.

People who do the Chavin de Huantar trekking finish after 3 days trekking in Chavin. Arrive in the afternoon in the hotel in Huaraz.

Persons who like to have some activity, can do the excursion 3 days 2 nights  trekking from olleros to Chavin de huantar, this is a beautiful trek, amazing snow caped mountains, not many tourist, you real feel the pure nature. But this is a hardtrek !! The first day you sleep in tents around 4000 Mt altitude and the second day you cross the pass of punta yanashallash, 4700 Mt ,the third day you go down to chavin. Here you visit the ruins. This trek you do with guide, cook, tents, and mules who carry al the gear.You just walk with your daypack. Look in trekking on this website for more information .
There’s also the Sunta cruz trek, 4 or 5 days
hotel/hostal in Huaraz

Excursion in group in Spanish
not included
Entree fee and English speaking guide ( optional )
Lunch + diner


Day 15: Huaraz
Transfer out + day bus for 7 to 8 h to Lima, transfer to your hotel in Lima /Miraflores, enjoy and relax on the seafront of the shopping center of Largo Mar.

hotel/hostal in Lima
Day bus to Lima
not included
lunch + diner

Day 16 Transfer
Transfer to the airport.
At the hour of international flight, transfer to airport or continue to the south part of Peru
not included

Lunch + diner


This program is only an example, we can make programs to all your needs !!!

Its also possible to extend with South  Peru or relax some days at the beach.

This tour you can use as a base, you can add trekking in Huaraz  or extend this tour with a visit to the jungle in Iquitos !

Also possible to extend with waterfalls iguazu ! Argentina/ Direct flights to Iguazu from lima

What do we need when you make a reservation?
*Full name as it is written in your passport.* Scanned copy of your passport.
*exact arrival date and flight nr.
*vegetarian or no.
*kind of room 2 beds or 1 big bed.
*we ask 40 % deposit when reserve the rest 4 weeks before departure. Banktransfer to our Peruvian bankaccount or Wetravel ( +4,5% )

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Individual only North Peru, only the highlights of North Peru

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