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Asequible crucero por el río Amazonas, queen violeta, Iquitos, Perú

Amazon Queen violeta/more affordable cruise/ Amazon river Iquitos

National Reserve Pacaya Samiria

4 days 3 nights ( ask our 7 days program)
Hop aboard a riverboat and experience the Amazon in style. Led by an Amazon Reserve naturalist guide, your cruise will include daily excursions by motorized skiff designed to reveal the exotic wildlife that calls the rainforest home – with any luck you’ll spot sloths, toucans or pink dolphins! And, with two full days for exploration in Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, you’ll have the chance to experience the jungle up close. The cuisine onboard is regional and provides a unique – and delicious – window into local culture. Gain a rare glimpse of how life “on the river” is lived and experience the magic of the Amazon on this once-in-a-lifetime riverboat adventure.

Sunday:             Iquitos – Amazonian Manatee Rescue Centre – Amazon River
Monday:             Amazon River – Ucayali river Yucurucho region – Marañon River
Tuesday:           Marañon River – Pacaya Samiria national reserve
Wednesday:     Marañon River – Nauta – Iquitos

amazon cruise

Departure day: Sunday

Day 1: Sunday: Iquitos – Amazonian Manatee Rescue Centre – Amazon River
1L, 1D
But before boarding, we get acquainted with this jungle port city an orientation tour. This is the country’s main river port, established in 1864 in the heart of rubber country on the Amazon’s deep waters. Like any port, it has a hustle-bustle feel, yet it is not without its places of quiet and shaded retreats. Much of the architecture we see is a 19th-century vestige of the era when European commercial barons held sway over life and culture here. And while Iquitos has seen many fortunes rise and fall, its isolation has remained constant: access to the city is by air or river only.

We will also make a brief stop at the Amazonian Manatee Rescue Centre. The Amazonian Manatee is very rare and endangered mammal unique to the Amazon Jungle. This center focuses on rescuing orphaned manatees who have been victims of poaching. The center helps rehabilitate and reintroduce these wonderful creatures back into the Amazon Basin. Here you will have a see the efforts of the rescue center as well as have the opportunity to feed these amazing and loveable animals.

Once on board ship, you can just relax and let the wild rainforest surround you. Step out on deck to watch the riverbanks go by—but keep your eyes peeled for wildlife such as gray and pink dolphins.Our ship casts off and wends its way to the confluence of the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers. Here, it is generally (but not universally!) considered that the Amazon River begins, at least in name.

11:00 hrs  Pick up from the airport or your hotel
Visit the Manatee Rescue Center, briefing and city tour

13:00 hrs  Check in, welcome drink and lunch
Safety drill on board
Afternoon free to enjoy sailing in the Amazon River

18:00 hrs Dinner

iqitos boat

Day 2 Monday:  Amazon River – Ucayali river Yucurucho region – Marañon River

1B, 1L, 1D
After breakfast, we have an excursion on the Amazon and some of its tributaries to see the wonders of the rain forest. This is our chance to see monkeys, sloths, and a variety of birds.

Back onboard, we’ll gather for lunch, followed by a presentation on the Amazon River. Afterwards, we’ll walk along the shores of the Ucayali River, located in the Yucuruchi region of the Amazon. Here we’ll have an opportunity to see the Victoria Regias, Water lily—a gigantic aquatic plant.

7:00   hrs  Breakfast buffet
8:30   hrs  Excursion search wildlife (monkeys, sloths and bird watching).
12:00 hrs  Return to the boat
12:30 hrs  lunch Buffet
15:00 hrs  Walk in Yucurachi, look for Water lily).
18:00 hrs  Return to the boat
19:00 hrs  Dinner buffet

Peru, Amazon River. Sunrise

Peru, Amazon River. Sunrise

Day 3 Tuesday:  Marañon river – Pacaya Samiria national reserve – Shaman visit
1B, 1L, 1D
Today we rise early to visit the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve for a full day of discovery in Peru’s largest national park.

Then, keep your eyes wide open and your binoculars at the ready to catch sight of cocoa heron and striated herons, colorful macaws, squirrel and woolly monkeys, caimans, sloths and many more primate, bird and mammal species. Current counts record more than 200 bird species and 10 primate species within its boundaries. Our route takes us over the tributary waters of the Marañon. Along the way, our guides will point out the interesting wildlife species that inhabit the riverbanks—not to mention unusual fish and vegetation in the river.
Back on board, we’ll gather for breakfast followed by a presentation on the life, history, and culture of the Amazon’s main tribes.

After lunch, we have an introductory discussion about shamanism that will help us understand the traditions of the rain forest people. We will sail us along the lake’s tranquil waters, where we’ll listen to the local birdsong and keep our eyes peeled for sighting the different animal species found in this area.
Before dinner, we’ll touch upon the spirit realm, paying a visit to a local shaman. Mystic … minister … healer—one might consider a shaman to be “all of the above.” But to understand shamanism requires something of a leap of faith, a leap into the spirit world that is the shaman’s domain.

Shamanism is practiced around the globe, and is universally distinguished by a trance state called shamanic ecstasy. In these “out of body” travels, the shaman enlists denizens of the spirit world to help him with a variety of duties, from healing the sick to assisting a deceased person’s soul into the afterworld—and all the while, the shaman remains conscious. Before you leave the Amazon jungle, you’ll gain rare insight into the complexities of this phenomenon when you meet an actual practicing shaman in a river village. He’ll introduce us to his spiritual healing craft and tell us about rain forest plants that indigenous peoples have for untold centuries held to possess curative properties. Your experience may not be “out of body,” but it’s sure to be out of the ordinary.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate our discoveries at our Farewell Dinner and Party, complete with live music, aboard our ship.
6:00 hrs    bird watching.
7:00 hrs    Back on board
7:30 hrs    Breakfast buffet
9:00 hrs    Excursion to National Reserve Pacaya Samiria, look for wildlife (primates, squirrels, sloths)
11:00 hrs  Return to the boat
12:00 hrs  Talk Amazonian tribes
13:00 hrs  Buffet lunch
15:00 hrs  Talk about shamanism
15:30 hrs  Excursion look for wildlife
16.30 hrs  Visit the shaman
18:30 hrs  Return to the boat
19:30 hrs  Dinner buffet


Day 4 Wednesday:  Marañon River – Nauta – Iquitos
It’s back to civilization today, this morning, we’ll call on the town of Nauta,
Tonight, we’ll celebrate our discoveries at our Farewell Dinner and Party, complete with live music, aboard our ship.

6:00 hrs    Breakfast buffet
7:00 hrs    Check out & Nauta city tours
Transfer to the Iquitos airport for our flight back to Lima.
10:00 hrs  Arrival to Iquitos Airport

Explore the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve – the largest national park in Peru, dine on food fresh from the jungle, spot pink dolphins on the Amazon River, interact with members of the local community, and learn the intricacies of Amazon wildlife


What’s Included?
* 3nts aboard the Queen Violeta Amazon riverboat
* Arrival transfer in Iquitos.
* Launches and land excursions with our expert naturalist team
* 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinners.
* 24 hours coffee & tea station at the restaurant
* Amazon riverboat.
* Small group experience; Max 30

What´s not included?
* Alcoholics and not alcoholics drinks
* Tips extra on board the Queen Violeta
* Flights
* Laundry service

cruise iquitos



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Asequible crucero por el río Amazonas, queen violeta, Iquitos, Perú

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