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Peru in camper, or private car tour/ Peru at your rhythm

Rental of Campers, Feel free to travel in Peru ! 

Campers seeks to open the connection between the environment and the interior of people through road tripping in recreational vehicles .
With the best recommendations to carry out this activity in Peru our clients will be able to live true and authentic experiences with freedom and independence, getting to know Peru at their own way.

All Our units have the necessary permits to travel along the suggested routes. You can drive on your own , or we can provide a  Driver/ guide 

Peru is a magnificent destination to travel by land, we are convinced that its potential to travel by road / land is immense, especially due to its geographical and cultural diversity. Always choosing the right safety, paths and tips. These road trips can become a milestone in the life of every traveler.

It is possible to do this tour in camper van, or by car. If you go by car we can arrange your hotels. If you go by camper we can arrange the campings + its always nice to have sometimes a hotel night. All the excursions we can arrange in advance as also the local flights. Ask us for the jungle options , or trekking in cusco. We also have longer programs and tours in north Peru!

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Why Roadtrips ? 

  • Independence  
  • Stop anywhere that calls your attention
  • Meet fellow travelers and take new recommendations
  • Take a detour you didn’t plan and get you on discovery mode
  • Maybe you didn’t sleep in the town you were expecting, but who cares?
  • More likely to try new things
  • Some of the best experiences in travel are when they are spur of the moment decisions
  • Total Flexibility to travel at your own pace
  • adventure
  • Make your own way, feel the satisfaction of those who conquer new paths
  • Driving and camping is the perfect scenario to talk about everything that you used to share.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Nature is a gift
  • saving in lodges- hotels
  • Safe and well located camping sites

Here an Example of 14D 13N – South Peru Classic Roadtrip  ( Ask us for other examples like North Peru or The Lima To lima Overland in 18 or 21 days

The route goes Lima-Nazca-Arequipa-Lake Titicaca-Cusco in a general outline. This is one of the most recommended routes to drive in Peru as it will take you through the main highlights of the southern route while being in direction to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. We seeks to open the connection between the environment and the interior of travelers through traveling in RV’s and overlanding. Nonetheless, driving safe and knowing your vehicle are the secrets to a successful road trip. Peru is known to be a beautiful but challenging country to drive so it’s worth to read our ‘Driving Tips’ and bear in mind some local advice. Enjoy the road!!

GPS, we recommend that you bring your own cell phone with a signal ( you can get Peruvian Chip ) so that you can use navigation apps. There also applications that allow you to download maps of Peru and use them to navigate offline, like Maps.me. In addition to that, we complete a road book with all the data.

Distance to drive approx /  2,405 KMs

Diesel Consuming 98 GLNs  / diesel Cost around 345.00 USD / Tolls total cost  35.00 USD

*Prices and distances can vary according to interests and travel.

ITINERARY – 14 Days, 13 Nights

Day 1: Arrival in Lima

Upon arrival we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Overnight in Lima.

Day 2: Lima – Paracas (03 hours, 256 kms)

After breakfast, we will meet you at your hotel; you will be introduced you to your RV and supplies. We will spend some time going over your trip plans. About mid-morning start your drive down the Pan American highway to the Paracas National Reserve. Enjoy the drive along the southern coast while you refill energy with some healthy snacks. Once in the Paracas National Reserve you will have some time to explore the Reserve and set up your camp next to the beach. Enjoy the place, have fun lighting camp fire on and a delicious dinner under 10 thousand stars is included. Best conversations or meditation are done with a full stomach and looking at the fire, let the context connect you with your soul.

On the way:

  • Stop at Tambo Rural for a nice Serrano bread with cheese and olives breakfast Panamericana Sur Km 51.7. Monday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. Facebook: Tambo Rural
  • Tolls to pay:
    • Peaje Conchán, 5.50 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
    • Peaje Chilca, 14.60 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
  • Entrance to overnight in the Paracas National Reserve, 30.00 (PEN)

Day 3: Paracas – Nazca (03 hours and 30 minutes, 221 km)

Breakfast at your camping spot and drive to the Paracas jetty to take an early boat ride to the Ballestas Islands to watch cormorants, sea lions, Humboldt penguins, Peruvian Boobies, Inca Terns and more coastal-marine species. After lunch in Chaco town in Paracas, you will head south along the Pan- American Highway through one of the driest deserts in the world, crossed by valleys coming down from the Andes. Along the way we will stop for dune buggy for a guided ride and some sandboarding, or if you are not into this adventure we can visit some vineyards in Ica instead and find out how is the processing of local Peruvian grape liquor: Pisco. Arrive in Nazca in the late afternoon. Camp in the gardens of our recommended Casa Hacienda Hotel.

On the way:

  • Stop at a Gas Station to fill the tank with DIESEL, from Nazca you will start heading up to the Andes. Repsol Gas Stations are reliable. Panamericana Sur El Sol, km 442,
  • Nazca is also a good spot to stock up before you head up to your next You can go to Raulito Plaza in Nazca main market street. Calle Lima n° 471 Nazca, Ica, Peru
  • Tolls to pay:
    • Peaje Ica, 14.60 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
    • Peaje Nazca, 7.50 Nuevos Soles (PEN)

Day 4: Nazca – Puerto Inca (02 hours and 30 minutes, 165 kms)

Breakfast at the hotel or in your RV. Before continuing your roadtrip to the south , it is recommended to take an early flight over the Nazca Lines and enjoy the mystery that enfold these ancient geoglyphs traced by the Nazca culture and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Once finished your overflight, you can take your time to discover the road as it won’t be too long to your last destination of the day. Start your drive towards Puerto Inca where in the time of the Inca´s the people were engaged in the extraction of seafood, to dry it, and transport to Cusco. Nowadays in Puerto Inca there are some remains of “secaderos” that served to clean and dry sea food, as well as tombs and ceremonial platforms from that time. The natural beauty is also important very important and we recommend to hike to Humboldt Penguins Cave and Black Sand Beach from the campsite.

  • After overflying the Nazca lines, you can spend the rest of the day exploring the Cantalloc Aqueducts, Chauchilla Cemetery, and the pyramids of Cahuachi. Guiding and tours can be provided at an extra cost. You can either continue to Puerto Inca or stay one more night in If you continue to Puerto Inca, the recommended latest time to leave Nazca is 2.30pm
  • On the way you can stop in Yauca town at km 556 of the highway. Here you can buy fleshy olives and delicious olive oil and honey. Also you can visit the centennial olive tree plantations of the area, some of thema have 500 years old and keep providing delicious
  • In the vicinity of Puerto Inca there are the fabulous Atiquipa hills (km 597), once culturally linked to the archaeological sites that you will visit in Puerto Inca. The creeks of Parcanajón and Yactapara, in Atiquipa, are remarkable. You can get to Carhuamarca, a fort and Atalaya watchtower from which you can see the contours of this unique
  • Another place you can visit in your tour to the south before arriving Puerto Inca is Jihuay beach, at km 602. It is a beach of sand and sea rich in fish and There are good waves, in fact you can surf.
  • Tolls to pay:

o Peaje Yauca, 7.50 Nuevos Soles (PEN)

Day 5: Puerto Inca – Arequipa (07 hours, 411 kms)

Breakfast at the hotel or in your RV. Today it is more recommended to focus on your driving and the scenery will provide beautiful views. Maybe an early walk can be done, but be sure that you take time enough to depart at 9.30am maximum between the activity and packing up. Although 411 km may not look such a long distance, you will go from 0 meters over the sea level (mosl) to 2,335 mosl and the highway will turn more sinuous to be able to make your way up through the Andes. On the way there are no places to spend the night that we recommend, so our advice is to finish your drive today in Arequipa

Why not a hotel?

  • Arequipa is a recommended city to rest from the camping rhythm and try a nice The variety of hotels in Arequipa is good and we can recommend many options from 2 to 5 star and book it for you.

On the way:

Camaná Town located at km 765 of the South Panamerican Highway can be an ideal stop to have an early lunch in a local ‘Cevicheria’ to try fresh fish in the national dish in Peru called ‘Ceviche’ made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers with onions and sweet potatoes. Or the typical ‘Chupe de Camarones’ in the area, that is a variety of stew made with shrimps and consists of cooking potatoes and onions in butter, then adding various spices, such as chilli powder. Then, water, tomatoes, and sometimes chicken broth are added. Before serving the broth, it is mixed with milk or cream. Both are delicious!! You can try this dishes in Cevicheria Rodrigo’s, La Caleta Restaurant or in El Oasis de Felipon

Tolls to pay:

  • Peaje Atico, 7.50 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
  • Peaje Camaná, 9.00 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
  • Peaje Uchumayo, 5.00 Nuevos Soles (PEN)

Day 6: Arequipa

Wake up have breakfast in campsite or your hotel. Today is a good day to rest from driving and walk around the city centre or take a tour to know more this so called the ‘White City’ of Peru due to the ashlar, stone used to build the main buildings of the city centre. The city is known for its rich history and culture, also for it’s gastronomy, we recommend to take your time to explore both!

Optional Activities:

  • City Tour in Arequipa (private or shared) including colonial and residential areas: San Lazaro, Carmen Alto viewpoint, Yanahuara, Monastery of Santa Catalina, Main Square, Cathedral, Church of the Company of
  • Visit the Santuarios Andinos Museum to see the Ampato princess, discovered in September 1995. Surprised science due to the good preservation of her
  • Visit Moral and Tristan del Pozo Houses
  • Tour to the Sillar Route to see the quarries called Canteras Vírgenes and Canteras de Añashuayco used to built Arequip’s city center.
  • Have lunch or dinner in a local ‘Picanteria’ and always ask for the local

Day 7: Arequipa – Colca Canyon (04 hours and 30 minutes, 240 kms)

Depart in the morning as a fair drive awaits you to get to the Colca Canyon. Our advice is to get as close as you can to the ‘Cruz del Condor’ main attraction, maybe try hiking to the Condor’s Cross at your arrival and if with a bit of luck you will see Condors. The next day spend the day enjoying Colca Canyon and change campsite.

Why not a hotel?

  • Colca Canyon is a good option to take a resort and spa hotel with hot springs. Please let us know if you feel like taking a break and enjoy a nice hotel & spa in the valley

On the way:

  • Beautiful panoramic views of the Chachani, Misti and Picchu Picchu
  • Cross the Vicuña reserve of Pampa Cañahuas where Vicuñas can be seen in the wild.

Day 8: Colca Canyon, Cruz del Condor – Local Communities (01 hour, 110 kms)

Today we advise to enjoy the Colca Valley. Go hiking in the morning to the Condor’s Cross and with more chances than the previous day, chances are very good that you will see Condors. Comeback and have come breakfast at La Granja del Colca before departing to meet the local communities. There are many communities and towns to visit on the way to Coporaque:

Optional Activities

  • Walk to Condor’s Cross in the morning
  • Visit communities
  • Enjoy hot springs and spa in the afternoon

On the way:

  • Visit communities of Chivay, Yanque, Maca, Coporaque, Achoma and
  • You can also choose a more adventurous experience and go rafting in Colca

Day 9: Colca Canyon – Lake Titicaca (06 hours 30 minutes, 380 kms)

Beautiful scenic drive through the altiplano (high plateau) and finishing in front of the mighty Lake Titicaca at almos 4,000 mosl is ahead. Driving from Coporaque to Llachon will be a long drive so our advice is to take precautions and leave early in the morning. We recommend stopping in Lampa on the way to have lunch in a local restaurant and admire the beauty and surprises hidden in this little ‘Pink Town’ as it is called. To get in Lampa the Cabanillas road (123) must be taken and then continue through Juliaca to Llachon that is located in the Peninsula of Capachica. The entrance to Capachica Peninsula is signposted halfway between Juliaca and Puno, it is also easy to locate with the GPS or an overlanding application. Once entering the Peninsula, drive to Llachon Community almost to the tip of this peninsula, you will get to our local friend’s house where he will be awaiting to show you your awesome lakefront parking spot. Llachon community people are really friendly, they dress typically with colourful hand-knitted cloth and work in their local agriculture mainly. Here is a perfect option to share with the locals, learn from them and take some activities in the lake.

On the way:

  • Visit Lampa Town, walk through its plaza, know it’s church with an amazing mausoleum full of skeletons and discover the only two Pietá Replicas in the world. One on top of this mausoleum made of aluminum and the other one made of plaster in the municipality
  • Try not to stop in Juliaca, it is a big and chaotic city where there isn’t much to see. However, if you have any mechanical problem, be sure you can find any kind of service in it 

Toll to Pay

  • Peaje Patahuasi, 3.90 Nuevos Soles (PEN)
  • Peaje Santa Lucia, 3.90 Nuevos Soles (PEN)

Day 10: Full Day Lake Titicaca

Take a day to relax in the beautiful scenery and share with the locals. Wake up in Llachon beach and feel the peaceful and magnificent ocean-like landscape that this lake at almost 4,000 mosl provides. Have breakfast with your host or in your RV and prepare for an excursion in the lake. Visit impressive living cultures such as the Uros who inhabit floating islands and the communities in the natural Islands of Amantaní with a beautiful scenery or Taquile, island of expert weavers and knitters. All can be organised departing from Llachon as the camping site has a community pier on the beach where a boat will take you for different excursions

Optional Activities:

  • Kayak to the floating islands of the Uros
  • Full day tour to Uros floating Islands and Taquile natural Island
  • Enjoy the Llachon beach, swim at almost 4,000 mosl

Day 11: Lake Titicaca – Cusco (07 hours, 411 kms)

Today you will return to grab the wheel drive after a marvellous experience in the Lake Titicaca. Have breakfast in your RV or local’s house and start to drive early. On the way to Cusco, you will pass by Pucara Town where the typical Pucara bulls come from, the archaeological complex of Racqhi or Viracocha Temple built by the Incas, and Andahuaylillas town to see its beautiful Church of San Pedro Apóstol de Andahuaylillas, known and compared with the Sistine Chapel of America. After this town drive directly to your campsite where you can set your RV and relax or go for a walk in the city of Cusco.

On the way:

  • Stop in Pucara, Racqhi and Andahuaylillas

Optional Activities:

  • Tour some of the attractions listed on the way
  • Walk to Cusco City
  • Light the fire pit in camping sit

Day 12: Cusco – Sacred Valley (03 hours, 125 kms)

Wake up, have breakfast, pack up and use your RV today to tour from Cusco to Sacred Valley of Urubamba attractions. You can either hire a tour guide from us to get more information or pay your entrance directly to the sites. First you can visit the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman and walk around this astonishing giant perfect fitting stone ceremonial fortress of the Incas. After your visit you can drive 5km in 28G road to Tambomachay that consists of an archaeological site that was destined for the cult to the water and so that the potentate of the Inca Empire could rest. After a quick visit in Tambomachay, head 32km southeast towards Cusco-Paucartambo 3S Highway to reach Tipon complex that was probably used as a laboratory for agricultural products due to the various microclimates found in this complex, also on this site is one of the largest irrigation works on the terraces, the distribution of outdoor water pipes is so incredible that have deserved the title of a “Wonder of Civil Engineering”. After Tipon, continue 12km more on southeast direction to the Lucre-Huacarpay wetland or more popular as ‘Laguna de Huacarpay’ a beautiful ecotourism zone considered nationally as a Ramsar site, it is located in the province of Quispicanchi. It has a great variety of vegetation and local and migratory fauna. From here take 28B Highway north direction to Pisac archaeological complex, one of the most important and visited in Cusco. It is divided into two zones, the old one, located in the upper part, is an Inca archaeological site, and the current one, located in the valley, dates from the colonial era. Its main square is an entertaining place full of color, with various craft items for sale and a nice local bakery where you can pass through on your way to Urubamba. This town is known for its astronomical observatory also. After all this visits you can finally head to your campsite located very near in Urubamba Town, it will take a drive of 41 km aprox

On the way:

    • Stop in Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay, Tipon, Huacarpay, Pisac

Día 13: Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu – Sacred Valley

Today is the day to visit Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. We will pick you up from your camping site to take you to the train station in Ollantaytambo from where you will depart by train to the town of Aguas Calientes. Your guide will be waiting for you for a full day excursion to Machu Picchu while leaving the motorhome in the Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu will surprise you with its magic. You will return the same day, we will pick you up from the Ollantaytambo train station to take you to your campsite to pickup your belongings and then to your hotel in Cusco City. Leave your vehicle in the campsite from where we will pick it.

Day 14: Cusco

Today your beautiful and challenging journey that will mark a moment in your life will come to an end, we will pick you up to take you to the airport to take your flight to Lima and connect with your international flight.

End of our services.


12 days RV or SUV rental
Camping sites or 3 star hotels/stays (SUVs) along the route One way fee for RV or SUV transfer from Cusco to Lima Transfer Airport / Hotel in Lima
Overnight at Hotel in Lima (first night)
Private Tour to Machu Picchu on day 13:

      • Transfer Camping Site in Urubamba to Ollantaytambo
      • Train tickets Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo
      • Local Guide
      • Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu
      • Entrance to Machu Picchu
      • Transfer Ollantaytambo – Cusco
      • Overnight in Hotel in Cusco (last night)
      • Transfer Hotel / Airport in Cusco


        • International and domestic flights
        • National air tickets for the Cusco / Lima routes. 
        • Optional Hotels, Activities, Tours and Meals.
        • Tolls
        • Fuel
        • Health insurance
        • Personal expenses, drinks at meals, extra drinks.
        • Tips for transfers, guides or waitresses.
        • Services not mentioned


Prices are NET per person in US Dollars.

It is necessary to present a scanned passport and driver’s license at the time of booking.

Services, hotels and tours to Machu Picchu and Mountains are subject to availability and price variation.

*** Please send important information about the driver and Pax:

        • Names nationality
        • Passport number (also scanned)+  Driver’s driver’s license (also scanned)
        • Date of arrival in Peru
        • Date of Departure from Peru.
        • Telephone in the country of origin
        • Telephone in Peru
        • Home address
        • Emergency contact name
        • Emergency contact number +  Email
        • International flight information Domestic flight information Hotels
        • Dates of stay Food preferences Illnesses, allergies
        • Other services contracted in Peru.
        • Other important information

Standard Rates include:

        • Recreational or Conventional Vehicle of your preference
        • 250 kilometers daily.
        • Extra driver free.
        • Vehicle cleaning.

Reservation Policy
– RV or SUV Rental: 15% deposit of the cost provided in the initial quotation by ICE is required within 05 days after the client confirms the service to ensure the booking of the vehicle.
– Optional Services: if during the development of the program there are other additional services required by the client, we will provide the price and its totality should be deposited by the client within the 05 days after confirming to ensure the bookings of other services or according to supplier’s conditions.  we will always inform if better conditions for the client can be achieved.

Payment Policy
03 days prior to passenger’s arrival, full payment is required.
Payment Method:
Bank transfer, web, credit card, payment link or cash in USD or Nuevos Soles according to the current exchenge rate.
Safety Deposit
A safety deposit of USD 1,500 is required previous the  pick up and USD 1,000 previous the SUVs pick up. These amounts can be withheld in cash or by credit card.

Minimum Rental Duration
Minimum rental period: 3 days.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 15 days prior to day of RV pick up, no charges apply.
Cancellation between 14 – 07 days: 15% as penalty.
Cancellation between 06 – 03 days: 20% as penalty.
Cancellation between 03 days and the RV pick up date will be considered a No Show and no refund will be applicable.

Vehicle collection / return
The service includes delivering the vehicles to clients within Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro districts in Lima.
Delivery and pickup at the airport costs  extra. We will take some time for explanations, demonstrations and vehicle inspection during delivery.
The vehicle will be delivered to the customer with a full tank, so the return must be with a full tank by the customer as well.
We allow pick up and drop off on closed days, holidays or outside working hours with an extra surcharge of USD 25.00.

Regarding our work schedule:

The service includes taking the vehicles to your own hotel or even picking them up at the airport and the same to return the vehicle.

        • Opening hours: from 9 a.m. to 3 m.
        • Pick-up time from 9 a.m. to 3 m.
        • Delivery time 9.00 to 15.00
        • Closed days (for example Sunday); only Sunday is closed
        • Closed holidays (eg, 25.12.) 25.12, 29.06, 28-29.07, 08.10, 01.11, 30.08, Holy Week and other holidays in Peru
License and Minimum Age

A valid driver license / International Driver License is accepted when accompanied by a valid passport for a period of 90 days. The minimum age is 25 years.


The renter is fully liable for any damage to the vehicle or third party property if:

        1. The terms of the rental contract are breached.
        2. Damages sustained whilst the renter/driver is in breach of any traffic laws or ordinances
        3. Damage to the vehicle which is caused by careless, willful or reckless driving
        4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugd
        5. Driving on restricted roads
        6. Camping away from recommended camping sites
        7. Water submersion or salt water damage
        8. The vehicle was driven in a country in which written approval was not obtained from Intorno Experiences.
        9. Damage to  undercarriage
        10. Incorrect use of diff locks and/or transfer cases, i.e. driving on tar roads with diffs engaged
        11. Punctures and tire damage 

The Hirer agrees not to use the unit for purposes different to the ones intended. All damage to the vehicle caused by inappropriate use will be the sole responsibility of the Hirer, even if the cost of repairs, etc. exceeds the deductible. INTORNO SAC will not be responsible for any loss (delays, losses, expenses, vehicle replacement, etc.) derived from such use.


Necessary repairs require assessment and approval from Intorno Campers & Experiences to be reimbursed.

Driving the RVs and SUVs

All of the vehicles’ controls are easy to use. However, keep in mind that it will probably take you a while to become familiar with all of them. Take your time to adjust the driving seat, mirrors, check lights, radio, etc. All our units have manual transmission. They have a 100 km/hr cruising speed.

Driving in Peru is quite challenging; many drivers in Peru tend to drive aggressively; just be aware of it and act defensively. We recommend driving only during daylight hours.

Campervans can only be driven on publicly maintained sealed, bitumen and gravel roads in Peru.

Always be aware of the oversized dimensions of a campervan, especially the height reached with the roof tent. Keep in mind the height of the vehicle when near trees, overhead cabling, parking structures, etc.   Police highway check points are common in Peru. They will ask you to see a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You should have no problems as long as you can show them the above mentioned documents


Transporting additional passengers or load is not allowed and will cancel the insurance protection. The Hirer shall report immediately any accident.

The Hirer acknowledges that he/she shall: be liable for the first $1,500 for RV’s and $1,000.00 for SUVs deductible (each accident/damage) of the cost of repairs or salvage following loss of or damage to the vehicle and contents, accept liability of his/her parking and traffic violations, authorize the use of the guarantee in cash provided for this agreement and rental/insurance when owing. Note: In case of rolling the vehicle, the deductible amount is $5,000. There is no insurance coverage if an accident (damage, injury, or loss) happens when the vehicle is being used by anyone who is under the influence of any intoxicating substance (drug, alcohol, etc.). All damage caused by off-pavement driving to the tires, shocks, front end, windshield, and tanks/piping/cabling underneath the vehicle and other parts of the unit will be the sole responsibility of the Hirer. Clutch replacement or damage due to client negligence is not covered with any of the insurance option.

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