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Chalalan lodge 3 or 4 days

In the Bolivian jungle in Rurrenabaque, This is the most luxurious lodge in Bolivia!

In Rurrenabaque there are many animals and not so many tourists!

  • Located at the heart of Madidi National Park
  • 100% owned and managed by the community
  • Environmental, social and economic responsibility
  • Trained local guides — languages — interpretation
  • Traditional materials and rustic elegance
  • International awards 
  • Annual profit reinvestment

La Paz – Rurrenabaque 
Flight La Paz – Rurrenabaque (50 minutes). Our staff will be waiting to transfer you from Rurenabaque airport to the Chalalán office by bus where you will fill in the forms to enter the Madidi National Park and receive information about your trip to the Ecolodge. Chalalán is located approximately 100 km west of Rurrenabaque, the boat ride to the ecolodge is also part of the experience. You will embark on a fascinating 5 hour trip through the Beni and Tuichi Rivers, a crossing topped with paradisaical landscapes and sites full of wildlife and a predominant green vastness

Day 1: Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge

Flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque, in the morning, reception at the airport by one of our guide and transfer you to chalalan office in Rurrenabaque, after that we have to go to the port, to take the motor boat to the lodge, the trip will take 5 ½ hours sailing the Beni and Tuichi rivers, passing through the Bala cañón (Bala George) by the Beni River, after, we will enter to Madidi National Park, by tuichi river, where you can appreciate and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Amazon, and also you can observe some animals near the river during the trip until Chalalan port. From where, we have to walk 25 minutes to the lake, where the cabins are located. Reception and welcome to chalalan lodge, then the guide will show you your rooms. Welcome lunch.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we will have a short walk to the Mirador, by one of the trails where the guide will explain you about the nature, traditional use and sustainable of the natural resources. Once on the mirador, you may observe the beautiful scenery of the chalalan lagoon and the extensive primary rainforest of Madidi National Park. Return to the lodge by canoe right, to observe the squirrel monkey near the lake. Dinner.

At night, we have a short walk on the trail for 1 to 2 hours to observe the night life of the animals. And we will appreciate the sound of the rainforest

Note 1: The departures from Rurrenabaque can only be made before noon, because you cannot sail after sunset.

Note 2: If the departure is done after mid morning, snack will be offered on the trip, instead of lunch




Day 2: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

In the morning after breakfast, we will have a guided walk for (3 to 4 hours) by Tapare trail or similar, where you can observe animals such as, squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchin monkey and many other species of birds such as toucans, macaws, parrots, eagles, guans. And then the guide can explain you more about the rainforest interpretation.

Return to the lodge. Lunch.

In the afternoon, after a rest, we will take another trail to have more opportunity to see more wildlife and learn more about plants and animal behaviors. Back to the lodge, we will have others activities such as: handicraft activities, canoe ride on the lake, video presentation about our community and the Madidi National Park. Dinner.

At night, we will take a canoe ride paddling around the lake for 1 to 2 hours to observe night life of nocturnal animals.


Day 3: Chalalán Ecolodge –  Parque Nacional Madidi

After breakfast, we will have a walk by one of the trail, to go to the Eslabon River, this another longer walks(6hours walk) deeper to the pristine rainforest and to have more opportunity to observe more animals such as the black spider monkey, the tapir, deer, troop of wild pig (Peccary) and also, we can learn more about Amazon rainforest interpretation, ecological processes and more. Box lunch in Eslabon River.

After a short rest and observing the landscape, we will return to the lodge along the same trail. Arrival, rest, swims and enjoy the lake. Dinner.

The dinner will be buffet, typical food of the area.

We have a short canoe right, to observe nocturnal wildlife and eyes of the caimans and other animals.

Traditional night (Quechua – Tacana) where our guides will explain the customs, habits and rituals of the Uchupiamonas indigenous, activity in which you’ll also enjoy a local traditional drink, enjoy local music and dance with people our community San José de Uchupiamonas.


Day 4: Chalalán Ecolodge – Rurrenabaque – La Paz

Early After breakfast to take short walk by one of our trail in this last time to have opportunity to see more wildlife. Back to the lodge.Lunch.

After lunch we walk to the port, to take the motor boat back to Rurrenabaque and then take the flight back to La Paz if you have. During your trip we recommend to be always attentive, because there is more chance to see animal. The trip takes only 3 hours. Arrival and transfer to the airport. Arrive to the town and transfer to the airport to persons to have flights back to La Paz.

Ask us for the 5 day programs!


*Native Guides.
*Cook (vegetarian food available). *Boots.
*Bottled mineral water.
*Medical assistance.
*Complete Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
*Transport in 4×4 and motor boat.
*Camping equipment (beds, savannahs, blankets).
*Baths with shower.

Not included:
Entrance to the Santa Rosa Park (Bs 150).

Recommendated to bring
*Clothing suitable for humid, tropical weather, for trekking through bushes and traveling by boat and canoe.
*4-6 pairs of socks.
*4 – T-shirts. *2 pairs of shorts for walking.
*2-3 cotton pants (or other light material)
*3 long sleeved cotton shirts (for sun and mosquitoes).
*Hiking boots.
*Sneakers (rubber shoes for boat trips).
*Light windbreaker.
*Bathing suit.
*Hat or cap.



*Camera and film.
*Pocket knife.
*Sun glasses.
*Flashlight w/batteries.

*1 medium to large backpack.

Other *Documents (Passport or any other type of ID).
*Insect Repellent (90-100% DEET).
*Vitamin “B” to repel mosquitoes.
*Copy of vaccination record for yellow fever and tetanus.
(Malaria is not present)

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Chalalan lodge 3 or 4 days

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