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Safety in Adventure Tourism – ISO 21101

The concept of Adventure Tourism is aimed at travelers who seek to enjoy the outdoors and nature, practice sports with a certain percentage of risk, or who like to experience moments of adrenaline. These have been increasing very quickly as there are many people looking for a different and unusual vacation.

Adventure tourism highlights hiking, trekking, This type of tourism is becoming increasingly popular and safety is a key issue to consider, which is why two standards have been created to keep risk under control and enjoy quietly.


  • ISO 21101 security management systems

ISO 21101 establishes the requirements for the security management system for adventure tourism providers, advocating them to review the activities they offer, understand the needs of the participants, define the security processes and keep them under control.

The pattern can be used to define a security policy, objectives and plans, and establish risk management procedures, personnel capabilities, operational and emergency controls.

These standards together manage to deliver greater security, confidence and competitiveness of tourism throughout the world.


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