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Web Security

South America Planet has been designed considering Security as one of its main pillars. Our company is committed to applying the best privacy practices and taking the necessary measures to protect and safeguard the information of our users.

Our website has a 128/256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which allows encrypting the information exchanged by any User’s browser and the South America Planet server. All forms that display or request sensitive information use an SSL (https) connection. Additionally The Outbound SSL Inspection policy uses rules to define how you want to intercept and redirect all SSL traffic that needs to be decrypted.

The purpose of the SSL certificate is to guarantee the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the information.

We have a data storage security policy where the sensitive information provided by the User is stored in our database servers in an encrypted form. The strongest and most robust encryption algorithms that exist for this purpose were chosen, which have been used, for example, by the United States government to protect their private information.

We have implemented an intrusion prevention policy to protect your network from suspicious activity and threats.

How to check Site Security

A padlock icon appears in the browser’s address bar, and at the same time, you can see that the address bar has a green color. In addition, you will also notice that it says https:// in the address bar.
All these implementations guarantee the privacy of communications, ensuring that all information travels encrypted during the data exchange of a web form, a transaction or the sending of an email. The implementation of our security policies also allows us to validate the identity of a website, increasing the confidence of users of the service when carrying out financial transactions or managing commercial or personal information on the Internet.


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