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We recommend traveling as light as possible, about 15 to 18 kg per person, preferably packed in a practical backpack or travel bag. Heavy bags are inconvenient to travel by local transport. Sometimes you have to carry your things for a while, for example at a station. Also on local flights, in Peru in general 23 Kg allowed ( exception on the flight to Chachapoyas only 10 Kg ) In Bolivia and Argentina between 15  AR and 20 kg  BOL

Clothing: on the trips we go from the coast to the high mountains. In Peru + Bolivia/ July it is winter, which means dry and warm during the day but cold at night. So be prepared for cold and heat, good walking shoes, a poncho, sunglasses, an alarm clock, lip balm, personal medication, a dictionary. Don’t take too much. Everything you miss, you can usually buy cheaper locally. Make sure you have a change in your hand luggage and you can go 48 hours without your big luggage, in case it arrives later than you. Money and passport. Take a scan of your passport and send it to your own email address, so you have it everywhere.

NOTE: about luggage and small backpack

  • If you have booked a 2-day trip to the Titicaca Islands, please leave your luggage at the reception of your hotel in Puno. And you travel with a backpack for 1 night.
  • When you travel to the Sacred Valley in the Cusco area and to Machu Picchu, you also leave large luggage in Cusco and travel with smaller luggage for 1 or more days, as large bags are not allowed on the train.
  • When you book a jungle tour to Puerto Maldonado, you can only take one piece of luggage for 3 or 4 days, the big luggage stays behind in the office of the Hotel in Puerto Maldonado. The boat is not equipped for large luggage and also prevents insects from entering your large luggage.


  • We recommend providing pocket money in a combination of cash and credit or bank card. This money is for excursions, meals and entrance fees, with a normal spending pattern. Of course, we cannot know how much you spend on souvenirs or drinks. Everyone spends differently.
  • The money in Peru is called Nuevo Sol, in Bolivia Boliviano in Argentina Peso, in Ecuador USD. The Euro is accepted everywhere. It is best to bring about 150 USD and the rest in euros. Credit cards like MasterCard/Visa are accepted in many places, in every place we go there are also ATMs with Cirus signs (in Bolivia a little less). In Argentina it is better to bring Cash Usd, as ATMs no longer give USD.Visa and MasterCard generally charge an additional 5.5% fee.


You do not need a visa on your travel pass for these countries. Only travels pass valid for 6 months. On arrival you will receive a tourist card, valid for stays of up to 90 days. Look for more info about your country visa regulations at  en PERU MIGRACIONVisa info

NEW: Starting in 2018 we are required to submit a copy of a travel pass and a copy of the entry stamp in Peru to the local tax inspection of each client. If we cannot present this, or if you do not wish a copy to be made, we are obliged to charge an additional 18% tax. This 18% tax also applies to all customers who remain in Peru for more than 30 days at a time.


The Andes Mountains have a lot of influence on the climate. This huge mountain range divides these countries into several climate zones. The coastal area, which largely consists of desert, is dry. There is not much precipitation every year in Lima. In the high Andes, spring temperatures prevail during the day and in the evening when the sun shines, it can even get quite hot. At night, when it gets dark, it cools down quickly and heavily. The temperature can drop below zero and warm clothing is a requirement. Best travel time Peru – Bolivia: dry weather from May to October Temperatures are somewhat lower during this time, but the sky is mostly clear and rainfall is scarce. In Patagonia Nov – Dec – Jan – Feb. Keep in mind that rain can occur all year round in the mountains!


In view of the gradual increase, the risk of altitude sickness is limited, but unfortunately cannot be completely ruled out. Normal symptoms such as headache, nausea, and dizziness usually decrease after 1-2 days. NB: Given the altitude of Peru and Bolivia, we recommend that people with heart and lung diseases contact their doctor. Peru does not require vaccinations, with the exception of Manu: if you go to Manu or another jungle, the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. In addition, we recommend that you at least get vaccinated against the following diseases: – Hepatitis – A (jaundice) – DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio) – A full vaccination program should be started four to six weeks before departure. Bolivia officially requires yellow fever. Do not drink tap water! Also take a look specialized websites for the latest information.   Tropisch instituut    Travel advice    Fit for travel


Time difference -7 h (summer) in Peru With Europe / Bolivia 1 hour is later than Peru


The mains voltage is 220 V, but you need an adapter with 2 flat pins / Peru and Bolivia have 220V, you need an adapter.

It is very important to travel with respect for nature and culture. Treat the local people with respect and respect their local values. Also leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, sort all your waste, leave nothing behind and limit your use of water and electricity.

In the markets and tourist shops you always have to haggle over the price.

Tips,Porters , cooks, drivers, guides expect a tip. Peru and Bolivia are tipping countries. But not forced! If the service is good, tip, if not, don’t. Just give what you feel; it’s worth it for you. Just indication, Guide 2 to 3 Usd per day each person (trekking guides a little more) drivers 1 to 2 Usd to one person full day work. In restaurants + 10% above the bill.


South America Planet wants you to enjoy your vacation or life with complete success. Please read the following conditions carefully, as this is your contract with Southamerica Planet. We don’t want to worry you, but we like to be very clear! Due to the adventurous nature of this tour, some unexpected circumstances may arise. That’s why we might have to change the program or parts of it. Southamerica Planet does its best to follow the booked program, but it may seem that, for example, roads are not possible to drive due to heavy rains, buses break down, local flights are cancelled or delayed or strikes or all transportation. We only change the program to ensure the safety of our customers, and in communication with the customer. We reserve the right to change the program before or on the day of the tour, schedules, hotels, transportation or excursions. Changes in the program occur mainly in a conversation with the client, but the planet of South America always has the final decision. If there are any changes before departure, all group members will receive an email with the changes clearly indicated. Additional travel or hotel costs are for tour members. Under normal circumstances, always follow the official program. Our prices do not include international flights, meals not specified in your itinerary, personal expenses, personal insurance and tips. South America Planet will not pay compensation if you are forced to cancel or change your tour due to war, threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or extreme weather conditions, epidemics or health risks, technical or maintenance problems with transportation, closed or congested airports or ports, changes imposed by the rescheduling or cancellation of airline flights, overbooking, change of airlines or aircraft types, or similar events beyond the control of the South American planet. The customer is also responsible for personal belongings. Clients undertake the tours, hikes or expeditions, presented in our programs, at their own risk.


This information is part of the contract with South America Planet. Read it carefully before booking! Customers must be in possession of and are responsible for arranging a valid passport. Information on these matters or related items (weather, clothing, luggage, etc.) is provided in good faith, but Southamerica Planet cannot be responsible for any of this information.


The easiest way to book a tour is by completing the booking form, simply click on the booking for this tour http://www.southamericaplanet.com  some days after we receive your booking, we will confirm it. Then we will ask you for a 40% deposit or the full amount. The other 60%, you can pay 5 weeks before departure. This payment can be made to our Peruvian bank. After the payment, you will receive a document with the confirmation of your payment. After full payment you will receive the address of the first hotel in Lima. A reservation is accepted and becomes final only from the date that Southamerica Planet sends a confirmation invoice (once we have received your deposit), at which time a contract exists and the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Also give us your phone number to contact you if there are any last minute changes. If the price was in EURO, this price may change if 1 Euro drops below 1.1 USD.


  • It is possible to arrive earlier, also to leave later. You must inform us in advance with your reservation, so that we can arrange something for you.
  • This is just an example and we can make some changes wherever you want!
  • ones you did reserve incatrail, there are no changing possible


Clients are obliged and responsible for ensuring adequate coverage throughout the tour with respect to medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation or cancellation. It is our policy to verify the validity and coverage of your insurance policy and we reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone whose insurance does not meet these criteria. We have an office in Peru / Cusco where there are always people working and it is always possible to contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies – they know their country better than we do and have the best contacts! We have  office in Peru, Cusco. our emergency nr = +51 984 577 011


A new law requires that minors staying in hotels and other accommodation establishments be accompanied by a parent or an adult who is officially responsible for them. In the latter case, the adult has the ability to show official documents. With this law, the government aims to protect minors from any kind of sexual exploitation. We are sharing this news with you because your clients who travel, for example, with their grandchildren or friends of their children may need to take additional steps.


If the customer wishes to cancel, cancellation fees will be imposed. These are calculated from the day Southamericaplanet receives written notification.

The charges are shown below:

56 or more days before departure: 15% deposit.

56 to 42 days before departure: 30% or total price.

28 days to 14 days before departure: 75% of the total price, 14 days to 7 days: 90% of the price, less than 7 days: 100%.

We strongly recommend that you take out full insurance, which includes coverage, under certain circumstances, against loss or deposit/cancellation charges.
Please note that train tickets, Inca Trail and air tickets can never be refunded.

Nota For the Corona virus time, there apply other rules, just contact us for the latest update.

Enjoy your trip!


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