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Responsible Tourism

Community Tourism are authentic and quality travel experiences offered by the different communities of the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru, based on the living culture and the unique nature of their territories, which protect, preserve and share it with the visitor, being the essential part of their products.

We are a company that promotes a new way of traveling and getting to know Peru through meetings that connect both travelers and hosts, experiencing a satisfying and memorable experience that adds meaning and value to their trip, enriching the personal and collective perspective of both.

Contribute to the development of sustainable tourism from communities with a tourism vocation through travel experiences that generate socioeconomic dynamism and an improvement in the quality of life of the communities involved.


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Oficina en Cusco, Perú

  • CALLE SAN AGUSTIN #307/ OFF. 116 dept. F/ Operacion + Trekking
  • Teléfono: +51 84 251145   
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Atención al Cliente

  • Oficina: De Lunes a Viernes. Sábado hasta 1pm – Domingos Cerrado.
  • Horario de atención: 8 AM a 1 PM y 4 PM a 8 PM.

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Número de Emergencia

  • Celular: (+51) 984 112 504
  • WhatsApp: (+51) 984 577 011

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