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    Level of Difficulty – Explanation

    We have created a rating system for all our treks that you will find listed in each of the trip descriptions. It is important to remember that all of our treks require being in good health. All of our treks require you to walk for extended periods of time, sometimes uphill for multiple hours. Below we have descriptions of our rating system and use these to evaluate your readiness for a specific trip.

    Normal / Easy

    These treks often are shorter in duration and usually require less walking each day. It is important to be in good health and feel comfortable walking for extended periods of time. These trips still require you to be in good physical shape and well prepared.

    Medium / Moderate

    These treks are often longer in duration and require walking for extended periods of time over a variety of terrain. This can include extended periods of time walking up hill and across challenging terrain. These treks also may take reach altitudes of 4,500 to 4,800 meters. It is very important for the participant to be in good physical shape and be well acclimatized. Previous hiking or trekking experience is recommended. These trips are generally less than 5 days.


    These treks generally last 6 or more days and are very challenging physically. Each day can included walking for an extended period of time (6 or more hours) over a variety of terrain. Often this terrain is very challenging and can include extended periods of time going uphill. These treks can reach heights of over 5,000 meters. Previous trekking experience is highly recommended for all these trips. Please, be in excellent physical shape, have all necessary equipment, and have planned appropriate time for acclimatization.
    If you have any questions or comments concerning the level of difficulty of the treks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    The trek difficulties are in relation to one another, but actually all are challenging!

    Most people can do many of the treks as long as they have average to good fitness and a good attitude. (but they do find it a challenge!) Some training before the trek will make it much easier! We strongly suggest that if you do not consider yourself very fit (be honest!) to talk to us prior to doing a trek! Also, please advise us if you have any medical problems, If you do not tell us we assume you are 100% healthy!

    We do not take any responsibility about the grading of the treks or poor/insufficient acclimatization. The level for each person is different, depend on walking experience !


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