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chontaqui ecolodge Oxapampa

The ideal place to connect with nature

Oxapampa is a province of the Pasco department and also the capital of the Oxapampa province. It mainly consists of people of European descent.

Located in the central part of Peru, Oxapampa is the largest province in the Pasco department. It is located on the right bank of the Chontabamba River at an altitude of 1,814 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 982 km2

One of the main tourist attractions in Oxapampa province is Yanachaga Chemillen National Park, due to the wide variety of flora and fauna present there. Attractions are the history of the place, the beautiful landscapes and pure nature and the joy of the inhabitants.

Stay with a Belgian – Peruvian couple in Chontaqui Ecolodge. The lodge has 4 Cabaña and 2 bungalows to enjoy the peace and the unique view. The “eco-lodge” is independent of electricity, water and drainage. We use solar panels for the light.

Cabaña; 28sqm. Room with 43 “smart TV, spacious bathroom and terrace (4 × 1.65m)
Bungalow; 72sqm. 2 bedrooms (1 bedroom with 2x 1,5 bed, 1 bedroom with queen bed), 1 spacious bathroom, living / dining room fully equipped kitchen and terrace (4x2m) with a view!

How to get to Oxapampa

To get to Oxapampa, it takes approximately 9 hours by bus, from Lima, via the central highway, through Chosica, Ticlio, Morococha, La Oyora, Tarma, La Merced, San Luis de Shuaro, Puente Paucartambo to finally reach Oxapampa reach, traveling about 360 km through three regions.

Along the way, you will be able to appreciate a diversity of changing landscapes as the altitude increases until you reach Ticlio, the highest area (4800 meters above sea level). Depending on the climate you will be able to admire the snowy mountains and the surrounding lagoons; Afterwards you descend to 3500 meters and you reach La Oroya. Descend further to the town of Tarma (3,050 meters above sea level), also known as the flower city. After another 1h 1/2 descent you reach the Chanchamayo valley (700 / 800msnm).

The valley of Chanchamayo – La Merced, considered the “Coffee Capital of Peru” the green characterizes the low jungle. On the way you will see fruit trees.
15 minutes from La Merced, in Puente Reiter, there is a crossroads. To the right it goes towards the province of Satipo and to the left towards the province of Oxapampa. From here it is a 1 hour drive.
When you arrive in Puente Paucartambo (about 1100 meters above sea level), the inhabitants will certainly offer you the delicious tamales and fruits. It is a beautiful setting with farms along the way with fruit trees of citrus, bananas and avocados.
In the rainy season from December to April, it is recommended to bring rain clothes, rubber boots and a jacket. During warm weather,  bring insect repellants, shorts and sneakers;

On August 30, 1891, Oxapampa was founded by the colonist ENRIQUE BOTTGER TREU, son of German parents. These influences can still be seen in the many wooden house products.

Oxapampa has become a tourist destination, mainly because it is a quiet place here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and pollution, a place where you will always be well received, characterized by the friendliness of its inhabitants.
Nature here is beautiful, surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls; forests and animals, waiting to be visited by you.

The province of Oxapampa, due to its geographic diversity, is suitable for paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and other sports that are full of adrenaline and that serve to release tension.

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chontaqui ecolodge Oxapampa

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