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Copacabana – Bolivia

Copacabana – Titicaca – Bolivia

Titikaka lake,the highest navigable lake, in the world (3808m above sea level with 8100Km2 surface) it harbours extraordinary flora (totora, cochayuyu, etc) and fauna (fish, trout, ducks, giants toads, etc) Some people call it also “the Inca’s Holy Lake”Lake Titicaca.The Bolivian side of the lake also have 2 beautiful islands “the Sun Island and the Moon Island “These islands have the easiest access from Copacabana.

Copacabana is located at an altitude of 3,481 m, Copacabana is only 2 hours and a half away from La Paz and 1,5 h from Puno /Peru. It’s home of the old sanctuary, the cradle of the famous “Virgen de Copacabana” (Virgin of Copacabana).The church is very beautiful and special !There is a special room behind the altar where you can admire the statue of the virgin .There are daily processions in Copacabana.This virgin is very famous for drivers.Every day many cars and busses come to Copacabana where the virgin gives them protection for the next year, the priest do this with champagne and plastic toys .Its nice to see this different way of believing .

Around Copacabana you will find a lot of archaeological places to visit. A revival of the pre-inca and inca cultures.


There are a lot of things to do in Copacabana. You can ascend to the Intiwatana,a pre-colombian astronomical observatory. Here, the past will overcome you. You can imagine how the Cosmos was understood by the indigenas, long before of the important works of Copernicus, Newton and Einstein.
Also, you can ascend to the Calvario. From the top of this hill you have a wonderful view over the Lake,also nice for sunset.You will also meet with the Kallawayas. They celebrate religion parties by merging Aymara and Catholic ceremonies. Together with a warm welcome they will offer you: A contribution to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), a ceremony of purification, or they will read your future in Coca leaves.


Make a walk to Intinkala, “the place of the sun”. Here you can see Inca seats carved in the rock, which has been used in meetings of the Incas and his counsellors.

Or visit Kusijata! It’s just on the way to the Yampupata port.Here you will find a small museum with objects of the Chiripa, Wancarani and Inca cultures. Water from a watershed fills a stone who might have served as a Bath for the Incas.
Visit the breathtaking Sun Island. Arriving in 45 to 90 minutes boat ride, various boats and watercrafts leave for the island from Copacabana. If you like to walk, its nice to take the boat to theNorth side of the island ,from there you climb up to the top of the island .Ones at the top you can walk over the mountain range in about 5 h to the South point of the island. You have amazing viewpoints and views over the lake.At the South point you can watch the beautiful sunset and sleep in a guesthouse .The next morning you can take the boat back to copacabana and continue your trip to La Paz or Puno.For the climb to the top you need some physical condition because you climb at an altitude around 4000mt !

At the Sun Island you will see the ruins of Pillkugaima, pre-Columbian stairs of about 1000 steps and a fountain of eternal youth in Yumani, the labyrinth of Chicana. Various paths for trekking exist between these sites. Also,you can visit the temple of Ajlla Wasi (building of the selected virgins) at the Moon Island. You can reach the Moon Island by boat from Yampupata or the Sun Island.

There is also the luxery option , the catamaran Transturin with tours from la paz or Puno in 1 or 2 day ,in the 2 days you sleep in your privat cabin.


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Copacabana – Bolivia

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