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Eco Lodge San Miguel del Bala 2-3 or 4 days

The Eco-Lodge San Miguel del Bala – Community Ecotourism,, Pampa, jungle or Community Ecotourism in the Bolivian jungle, Rurrenabaque


was built at the initiative of the Tacana community of San Miguel for lovers of nature, adventure and indigenous culture. The tourism operation will help to conserve and maintain the culture of Tacana. It lies within the catchment area of the Madidi National Park in Bolivia.

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The Eco-Lodge offers the following services:
* Accommodation.
* Gastronomy.
* Tourist Circuits.
* Cultural Exchange.
* Local guides for thematic interpretation.

Our Vision
Improve the living conditions of the community members of San Miguel Tacana and ensuring the preservation of the environment (mainly the high biodiversity of the area) along with sustainable development both economically and socially for its future generations.

3 days program  PAMPAS ANACONDA TOUR  (ask us for bird tour  3D/2N or living with the Community tour)

Day 1:

9:00 Departure from Rurrenabaque (San Miguel del Bala office) in comfortable and safe vehicles heading to the wide Pampas on the banks of the Yacuma River, while we travel through this impressive marshland for 3 hours we can appreciate the habitat of many exotic and wild species that inhabit this beautiful place like curious 3-toed sloths, swamp deer, ostrich, giant armadillo, adorable herons among other species from which you can observe and appreciate their incredible way of life.

12:30 Reception of visitors and allocation of comfortable rooms, then go to enjoy the delicious buffet lunch.

14:30 Departure by boat along the Yacuma river, in comfortable and safe boats during this walk we can enjoy the wonderful landscape that surrounds this place and its waters that are full of life allowing to find an incredible variety of unique species such as the feared piranhas, different species of anacondas, friendly howler monkeys, different and beautiful bird species, the bufeo, beautiful capybara capybaras, hoazines that are birds of Paradise with their strange features and their unmistakable face painted blue among many more species.

18:30 Return to the lodge to taste an exquisite buffet dinner.


Day 2

8:00 Breakfast with the beautiful view offered by our quiet atmosphere in the hostel starting from a boat ride through the fantastic waters of the Yacuma River to swim with one of the most adorable and beautiful species that we can find in this magnificent place the Pink Dolphin, You will also find species like the cute yellow monkeys, pretty squirrels, then you will go in search of the immense black alligator that is the largest species in the area.

12:30 Return to the lodge to rest and enjoy a delicious lunch.

14:30 Performing sport fishing of piranhas that will allow to know the different species, sizes and colors of piranhas that inhabit the Yacuma river, as well as other species of fish such as catfish, sardines among other species.

18:00 Return to the lodge to enjoy an exquisite dinner.

20:00 Boat ride to observe a natural spectacle in the moonlight, in which we can enjoy a beautiful tour and appreciate the eyes of alligators and other species of animals and nocturnal insects such as herons and fireflies.

21:00 Return to the hostel.

Day 3

8:00 You will enjoy a delicious breakfast.

9:00 Departure in search of Anaconda or Sicuri, for this we will be transported by boat to the hostel of Caquiahura, from where we will make a walk through the wide pampas, knowing the vegetation of the area and looking for lagoons where he lives and can hide the anaconda (largest and heaviest snake in the world).

12:30 A delicious typical lunch at the lodge.

13:30 Return to Rurrenabaque in vehicles estimating the arrival at 16:30.

Ask us for the 4 and 5 day Pampa and Selva or Mix  programs from this lodge We will send you the information.

The Eco Lodge:
The Eco-Lodge offers visitors a rustic retreat with all amenities. Its construction materials were used from the forest and its design respects the traditional, local architecture and environment.


*7 family cabins
*Capacity for 3 people in each cabin (total 21 persons) *Private bathroom with hot showers at night.
*Solar light at night.
*Common Cabin (only used during major events)
*Equipped with 10 beds and cots with mosquito nets.
*Kitchen – Dining.
*A beautiful room with space for up to 52 guests.
*Typical cuisine, international and vegetarian.
*Social activities and places to rest (hammocks, board games and books).
*Room Tacana interpretation of culture.
*Typical crafts available to buy.

The Eco-Lodge also has:
*Camping area.
*Natural Viewpoints.
*Potable water system.
*Electricity at night.
*Ecological treatment system for sorting garbage.

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Eco Lodge San Miguel del Bala 2-3 or 4 days

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