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Palacio de sal 4* salthotel

The first salt hotel in the world

We invite you to live a unique experience in one of the most exotic hotels in the world, in a natural, magical and wonderful space.


Located on the banks of the majestic Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, only 25km from the city of the same name, you will find the Sal Palace, the only one of its kind to be built entirely with salt: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, sculptures, absolutely everything!

A hotel in balance with the nature and the landscape that surrounds it, that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable rest with all the comforts of the modern hotel.

The creation of the hotel in the Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, was in 1998 by the crazy initiative of a gentleman man, Juan Quesada Valda, pioneer in the salt hotels in the world. Juan’s innovative and creative idea of ​​building a hotel 100% salt (walls, ceilings, tables, chairs and others) was materialized in what he called the Palacio de Sal.
Of unique architecture, its goal was to provide visitors to salt a place where to find the balance with nature and enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable break.
For 2004 the hotel was moved to the banks of the salt with the sole intention of offering a service according to the demands of customers.
Since then the exotic, the modern and the autonomous, combine to create, over more than 4,500 square meters, the first salt hotel in the world, in a tourist attraction worth knowing.

To achieve a unique stay, we have 42 rooms – “Suite – VIP – Standard” – equipped with all the comfort of the modern hotel, such as private bathroom, hot and cold water, central heating and / or electric, among others. Where new rooms are divided according to quality.

With windows that provide unique images that frame the salt, in a cozy atmosphere, the dining room has the amenities that will allow you to enjoy our exclusive and more exquisite meals made with salt.
We invite you to discover a unique flavor in each of our dishes made with llama and lamb meat from the region or our specialty: chicken with salt.


The majesty of the hotel impacts from its lobby, which rises imposing in salt providing, both visitors and those of us who are typical of the place, a welcoming welcome as well as the prelude to an experience that, we guarantee, will be unique and exotic.
The bar and the games room invite you to enjoy unforgettable moments when playing pool or sharing a relaxing moment contemplating the immensity of the salt in the heat of a fireplace.
As a special attraction we invite you to contemplate the immensity of the salt, its starry nights that exalt the spirit, the sunsets and the changes of color that occur in the salt, everything from the viewpoint that is accessed from the lobbie by a staircase made of salt. A dazzling view of 360 degrees specially conditioned to enjoy each moment as unique.







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Palacio de sal 4* salthotel

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