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Paragliding sacred valley cusco

This is a Paragliding Tandem tour in the high parts of the sacred valley you’ll have a great opportunity to have a great view of the Valley, scored by our professional paragliding guides, no previous experience is needed … !

At 8:30 in the morning we go to Chincheros, once in the flight area our instructor will give us safety chat, then we will try incrementally longer jumps , until a jump of some 500 meters of flight. The guide shows you how to control the para-glide in the air and do zigzags (slaloms). We will return to cusco around 2:00 in the afternoon.

The flying aforementioned is located 45 km from the city of Cusco in Cusco route – Chinchero – Urubamba. It has one of the most exceptional views of the Cusco region by imposing snow capped mountains. 
flight is from 10 to 20 minutes(in the air).

The flight is subject to weather conditions. The pilot will determine the conduct of the flight. In case of flight cancellation, the passenger is subject to cover transport costs

English speaking guide

Nota /this tour can only be booked in a package tour

https://southamericaplanet.com/en/paragliding-sacred-valley-cusco/ https://southamericaplanet.com/es/parapente-valle-sagrado-cusco/ https://southamericaplanet.com/nl/paragliding-heilige-vallei-cusco/
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Paragliding sacred valley cusco

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