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Start packet Potosi, Bolivia 2 days

Start packet Colonial City, Potosí

Discover the grand colonial architectural heritage of Potosi . This city dates from the days when this, the world’s highest city, was larger than London or Paris. Ones the richest city from South- America, this is because of the silver mines. Its streets paved with antique paving tones, balconies in fine cored wood.The main entrances to the mansions and palaces show family shields in granite, the churches and temples are nature art work. Example:San Lorenzo Church, style barroco ,Mezstizo is probably one of the most photographed subjects in Bolivia, altar covers forged gold.  Potosí is a wonderful city that offers different tourist attractions. Visit LA CASA DE LA MONEDA (Royal Mint). Where is to control the minting colonial coins right where the metal was mined. These coins, which bore the mint mark “P”, where know as Potosí. You can go to “Mirador Aereo Pari Orcko” to know about the history and tradition of Potosí. .Visit to “Convento de San Francisco”, was founded in 1547 by Gaspar de Valverde, making in the oldest monastery in Bolivia.

You can Choose this tour in 3 options 

1 Budget tour : in hostals

2 classic tour: in 3* hotels

3 Luxe tour: all 4 * hotels

Day 1 

Transfer in Potosi from the busstation to your hotel.

City tour, 3 h Potosi, departure time 9:00 am or 2:30 pm,

Our Potosi city tour visits several attractions in Potosi, all within walking distance of the center and the plaza. Including the cathedral, and colonial houses. We visit the San Francisco church, from the roof you have a fantastic view over the city. We also see the narrow stone streets to the church of San Lorenzo. From here we go to the central market. In the end we will visit the monastery of santa Teresa. The richest families of Potosi sent their daughter to this monastery, and then had to make an extravagant amount of gifts, jewelry and paintings to Santa Teresa. These are still in the monastery museum.

Day 2

Excursion Mine Tour Cerro Rico (3  hrs.); before you depart from Potosí you will put on safety clothes and take a lamp and a helmet with you. You will visit the miners market where you can buy some gifts like coca leafs and pure alcohol for the miners (not included). It is tradition to bring the miners gifts because you are entering their working area. By car you will go to one of the many entrances of the famous silver mine. You will see miners at work, you will visit El Tío, the God of the underworld, where the miners offer to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth. You can descend to all levels you want, but normally the wider and higher shafts are chosen.

You can leave the mine with an assistant-guide at any time, also if the group wants to descend further down. You are witness firsthand to the life and working conditions of Bolivian miners. Silver is what created this city, and it would be shame to leave without learning more about the work conditions of Potosí’s mineral extracting activity. 

We’ll pick you up from your hotel at 08:30 for the visit that starts at 9.00 a.m. and lasts 2 or 3 hours

In the afternoon, transfer to the busterminal. 

included in the tours 

* English speaking guide during excursions 
* entree tickets
* 1 night hotel Potosi
* 1 breakfast
* all entree fees
* transfer in and out  busterminal


* other meals
* other cost 
* bustickets

If you have more time, there are extra excursion options here

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Start packet Potosi, Bolivia 2 days

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