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Cruise with Mare Australis,The Fjords in Patagonia and Fire land from Punta Arenas Chili to Ushuaya Argentina

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4 or 5 days | CODE: AC-606
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Cruise with Mare Australis (max. 129 passengers) 4 or 5 Days cruise

Individual : Fixed departure dates


det_155Punta Arenas —–Ushuaia
Ushuaia—– Punta Arenas

The 4 days  Ushuaia /Punta Arenas
The 5 days Punta Arenas /Ushuaia






The Chilean/Argentinean fjords

det_156The Chilean / Argentinean fjords are one of the most pure nature zones in the world .Because of the steep mountains from the Andes,roads are almost impossible .This is why in Chile these fjords only  can be visit by boat or by foot

From the end of September till the end of April the cruises ship Mare Australis travels thru this beautiful landscape .During the trip there are daily excursions to land in Zodiac boats .There are also daily lectures about the flora and fauna of the zone. For these excursions you don’t need to have any experience, everybody can do this, for al ages






How do we work?
In this program you travel individual without a tour leader. Peruplanet pays and reserve this cruise for you. With the cruise are English speaking guides and biologist. There are daily excursions with the zodiac boats to visit glaciers or islands.

You buy yourself your international flight from home to Punta Arenas or Ushuaia .This you can do easily in 1 of the many internet shops.


What’s included?
* Daily excursions to land with Zodiac boats and visit millenary glaciers ,native forests ,bays, islands and national parks where colonies of wildlife animals can be seen .
* Meals and open bar for wine and beverages with your meal.
* Lectures about the flora, fauna ,history of the zone.
* All not optional excursions on this trip

Not included
* Transport to the boat
* Flights to/from Ushuaia/Punta Arenas
* Transfers, optional excursions, alcoholic drinks, insurances and personal expenses

We can arrange your further travel in Patagonia, from Ushuaia we can arrange transfers, hotels tours, just let us now your program,we can also arrange hotel and transfer in Punta Arenas !


The tour from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia in 5 days: Day 1: Punta Arenas
Check in at Magallanes 990, Punta Arenas, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cruise-ship boarding at 6:00 p.m. The Captain and crew give a welcome cocktail reception on board. Immediately afterward, the ship departs for “the uttermost part of the earth”.

Our excursion will take us through the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel to explore one of the most breathtaking wilderness regions in the world: Southern Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego. We have just embarked on a Great Adventure!


Day 2: Ainsworth Bay – Tucker Islet
At dawn, we continue navigating through Almirantazgo Sound until finally arriving near Marinelli Glacier in Ainsworth Bay, where we enjoy a walk to discover a beaver dam in the midst of a marvelous Magellanic forest. On the beach we observe a colony of Elephant Seals. Later we visit Tucker Islet, where we view colonies of Magellanic Penguins and Cormorants from the Zodiac boats. The islet’s penguins migrate in April; as a replacement we visit Brookes Bay, for a short walk to see a glacier.







Day 3: Pia Glacier – Glacier Alley
We navigate along the main part of the Beagle Channel to reach Pia Fjord, where we disembark near Pia Glacier. We take a short hike to a look-out point with a spectacular view of the entire glacier tongue, stretching from high in the mountains all the way to the sea.

After this unforgettable experience, we continue sailing along the northwest arm of the Beagle Channel through majestic “Glacier Alley



Day 4: Cape Horn – Wulaia Bay

We sail through Beagle and Murray channels to reach and disembark in Cape Horn National Park (weather permitting). Cape Horn, on Hornos Island, is a sheer, 425-meter (1,394-foot) high rocky promontory. This mythical place is known as the “End of the Earth”; a visit is a singular privilege. The park was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in June 2006.

In the afternoon, we go ashore in historic Wulaia Bay, once the site of one of the region’s largest aboriginal settlements. This area is also renowned for the mesmerizing beauty of its vegetation and geography. We walk through a Magellanic forest of Lengas, Coigües, Canelos, ferns and other native vegetation to reach a lookout point.


Day 5: Ushuaia
Arrival at Ushuaia, Argentina’s most important city on Tierra del Fuego, and the southernmost city in the world. We disembark at 8:00 a.m., enabling you to get an early start on visiting the city and national parks, and on continuing your trip through Patagonia

NOTE: The excursions/day trips described in the itineraries can normally be, and frequently are carried out.

Notwithstanding the above, Transportes Marítimos Terra Australis S.A., Transportes Marítimos Via Australis S.A., and Transportes Marítimos Geo Australis S.A. reserve the right to reschedule, shorten, or alter all or part of itineraries and/or excursions without previous notice in order to safeguard the well-being and safety of passengers, preserve the environment, or because of extraordinary circumstances, acts of God or greater forces. For the same reasons, the time of departure or arrival of the vessels may be subject to change.

Departures  + prices
Below our departure dates for the 5 days 4 nights tour
ask us also the prices and dates of departure of the 4 days 3 nights tours

(Per person rates based on double ocupancy in US$. / Tarifas en base doble por persona en US$.)

Ask iff we have promotions 

Rates (4 nights) Cabin   Low High
B   1.900 2.398
A   2.510 2.997
AA   2.626 3.197
AAA   2.744 3.346
AA Superior   3.383 3.997
AAA Superior   3.531 4.254

Rates are “starting from”, and only for a limited cabin stock per departure. Single rates will be applied in all types of cabins and the rate will be the 150% of the category rate

M/V Ventus Australis (4 nights)
Departures / Salidas Punta Arenas – Ushuaia

December / Diciembre   2018 7 15     23 31
January / Enero            2019 8 16     24  
February / Febrero        2019 1 9      17 25
March / Marzo              2019 5 13     21 29

M/V Ventus Australis (4 nights)
Departures Ushuaia – Punta Arenas

September / Septiembre 2018 30
October / Octubre 2018 8 16 24  
November / Noviembre

December / Diciembre



1 9 17 25
3 11 19 27
January / Enero 2019 4 12 20 28
February / Febrero          2019 5 13 21  
March / Marzo              2019 1 9 17 25
April / Abril                  2019 2**  

**Disembarking time: 12:30 PM

Departures / Salidas Punta Arenas – Ushuai

M/V Stella Australis (4 nights)

September / Septiembre 2018
October / Octubre 2018 November / Noviembre 2018 December / Diciembre 2018 January / Enero            2019 February / Febrero 2019   

March / Marzo              2019   

    16 24
1 9 17 25
3 11 19 27
4 12 20 28
5 13 21  
1 9 17 25

Departures Ushuaia – Punta Arenas

M/V Stella Australis (4 nights)

September / Septiembre 2018
October / Octubre         2018     20 28
November / Noviembre 2018

December / Diciembre   2018

5 13 21 29
7 15 23 31
January / Enero            2019 8 16 24  
February / Febrero        2019

March / Marzo              2019

1 9 17 25
5 13 21 29**

The Cabins

det_164They are organized into four categories (B,A,AA,AAA) all with low beds, large panoramic windows, private bathroom, heating, closet and a safety deposit box








General :


In fire land the mountains give much influence on the climate. This immense mountain chain divides the country in different climate

Areas. The coast area, which consists for a large part of desert, is dry. In the mountains of Patagonia you can have 4 seasons on 1 day it changes very fast!!!Evenings can get cool and wind can be strong. You need warm clothes in the south, which you can buy even cheaper on the spot!

Best travel time: dry time of October till March. Then it is summer and generally dry.

For Argentina and Chile you only need a valid Passport what is valid for up to 6 month after departure home .if You stay less than 3 month in these countries ,you don’t need a visa. You get a free tourist visa when entering the

Luggage and clothes

det_166We advise to travel as light as possible around 15 KG Maxima a person ,the best is to travel with good travel bagg .Be prepared for cold weather ! ,you need good hiking boots ,a poncho , lip balsem ,personal medication ,hat , sunglasses waterproof parka ,sweater, gloves  ,



The mountains in Patagonia are not high so you don’t have problems with altitude sickness
Argentina doesn’t obligate any vaccinations.
We advice that you take some vaccinations like :
– Hepatitis-A
– DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio);
You have to start with these vaccinations about 6 weeks before departure .
Tap water and river water is drinkable in the South!!!

For more info, look at  TRAVEL Advice    FITFORTRAVEL

Travel information
This information makes part of the contract with Peruplanet .Read it well before booking! Clients must be in possession of, and are responsible for arranging a valid passport. Information about these matters or related items (climate, clothing, baggage, etc) is given in good faith but PeruPlanet cannot be held responsible for any of this information.

How to make a reservation ?

det_167The easiest way to reserve a Peruplanet tour is thru our website .On our website you find a booking form.Some days after we received your reservation, we confirm if there are still some places available on the date of your choice .Than we ask 40 % deposit of the total amount ,the other 60% , you can pay 100 days  before departure.

This payment you can do at our Belgian or Peruvian banc account .After payment you receive a paper with confirmation of your payment . After full payment you receive the voucher. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when Peruplanet sends out a confirmation invoice (once we have received your deposit) at which point a contract exists and the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Give us also your telephone number to contact you in case there are last minute changes.

extension possibilities
§ We can arrange some extra nights, after the tour in Ushuaia . We also can arrange things  in other parts is Patagonia

Clients are obligated and responsible for ensuring that they have adequate cover for the full duration of the tour in respect of medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment. It is our policy to check the validity and cover of your insurance policy and we hold the right to refuse travel to anyone whose insurance does not satisfy these criteria .We strongly advice to take a cancellation insurgency !

24-h emergency service
24-h of your private travel insurgency , but we have an office in Peru/Cusco ,and contact in Ushuaia, Here Argentinean people are working and its always possible to contact them 7 days a week 24 h for emergency .They now there country better than we do and have the best contacts !

Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. These are calculated from the day written notification is received by Southamericaplanet .The charges are shown below: 90 days before departure: 280 euro a person, cancellation 89 days or less:the total price ,also even if you paid only deposit we need the other 60 %, We strongly recommend that full insurance is taken out, which includes cover, under certain circumstances, against the loss of deposit or cancellation charges.The cruceros Australis reserve the right to cancel or change the trip or itinerary  before departure without advance notice .

For reservation we ask 40 % deposit and the 60 % /100 days before departure

The program can change depending the weather conditions !

Below the conditions of Mare Australis

1.- The passenger ticket contains and evidences the transportation contract entered into between the passenger and Transportes Marítimos Terra Australis S.A., hereinafter also referred to as “the Company”, which is governed by the ticket indications, the current conditions and the pertinent provisions of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Chile, Book III.

2.- The passenger shall carry his/her ticket at all times during the entire voyage and for the period it was issued and must show it every time he/she is asked to do so by  the Company and/or the maritime authority, either upon embarking, during the sailing and/or upon disembarking.

3.-The passenger ticket is valid only for the vessel, the voyage and the passenger indicated therein. Consequently, the passenger who does not make use of the faculties to postpone or quit the voyage and does not embark on the vessel and fails to take the voyages contracted, loses all rights on same.

The ticket is issued to the bearer and shall not be transferred by the passenger to another person, without the previous written authorization of the Company.

4.-The passenger who wants to postpone his/her voyage departure date and change his/her ticket for one having a different departure date, he/she must submit a written request to the Company at least 30 days before the vessel’s departure. To request such postponement, in addition to the aforementioned written notice, the passenger shall pay the Company  the amount of US$100 (one hundred dollars of the United States of America) or its equivalent in pesos, current currency and any price difference shown by the ticket for the new date requested. The voyage postponement request will be accepted by the Company provided there exists capacity for the voyage requested. However, the Company will admit the changes in voyages dates requested between the 30th and 10th day prior to departure, subject to a fine equal to 50% of the ticket value. Except for the above situations, the passenger is not entitled to postpone the voyage date, being understood for all purposes that if he/she does not make use of his/her ticket is because he/she has decided not to travel, being applied all the regulations provided for such situation.

5.-Cancellation Penalty: Should the passenger decide not to make the voyage, the Company will reimburse the passenger all or part of the ticket net value or not reimburse any amount, depending on the date that the passenger had communicated the Company his/her decision in writing, as indicated below:

If the passenger notifies his/her cancellation to the Company with 120 or more days in advance of the departure date, the Company shall reimburse any amount payed;

If the passenger notifies his/her cancellation to the Company between 119 and 45 days in advance of the departure date, the Company shall retain him/her US$ 200.- or its equivalent in Chilean pesos, legal currency, per each ticket cancelled;
If the passenger notifies his/her cancellation to the Company between 44 and 30 days before departure date, the Company shall reimburse the passenger 75% of the ticket’s net value;
If the passenger notifies his/her cancellation to the Company between 29 and 15 days before departure date, the Company shall reimburse the passenger 50% of the ticket’s net value, and
If the passenger notifies his/her cancellation to the Company between 14 days or less before departure date, the passenger will not be reimbursed any amount by the Company.

In case of a voyage cancellation, as previously stated, the Company will receive the amounts that have not been reimbursed, as fine for the cancellation, pursuant to the above regulations-

6.- Passengers are not allowed to carry with them or have in their cabins firearms, dangerous objects or any explosive that are within the Arms Control Law scope. The passengers will be responsible for damages caused to the Company, its dependents and/or to third parties as a result of carrying with them or trying to carry with them said objects.

7.- The passengers who temporarily go ashore on their own account or interrupt the voyage at intermediate ports, shall afford their own expenses incurred while ashore, as well as all the boarding and landing and tax expenses, if any. When the passenger fails to arrive at the hour pre established to go on board at the sailing or at a stopover port or at that he/she has voluntarily gone ashore, the captain may start sailing without the passenger being entitled to demand the reimbursement of the ticket fare paid, or any other compensation or indemnity to the Company.

8.- The Company reserves the right not to admit aboard those passengers who suffer any disease, either mental or physical or of any other kind, in the vessel captain’s opinion makes him/her unable to continue the voyage or jeopardize the rest of the passengers’ health or safety and/or damage the comfort of the other passengers’. Any passenger, who, during the voyage is discovered or suspected to suffer from any mental or physical disease or another disease or disorder and that in the vessel captain’s opinion shows the above mentioned characteristics, may be disembarked at any intermediate port before reaching his/her destination and demand that he/she stay at that port and obtain transportation to his/her destination on his/her own account and expenses.

9.- The ticket does not include the value of purchase of articles at the vessel store or the value of optional tours that may be contracted by the passengers on their own. The passengers shall pay all consumptions and purchases not  included in the ticket price, at the on board prices. The payment shall be made in cash.

10.- Each cabin is provided with a safety box that is opened with a unique key without copy, which is given to the passenger, in which he/she will keep, under his/her responsibility, the money, negotiable documents or other valuable items he/she is carrying with him/her. Considering the above, the Company will not be responsible for the damage suffered by the passenger as a result of potential losses and / or damage  caused by any reason and/or amount of money, negotiable documents, jewels, gems or other valuable items, such as gold or silver in bars, coins or sheets, silverware or utensils made of precious metals or others having similar nature.

11.- No animals will be admitted on the Company’s vessels.

12.- The passengers are forced to comply with all the regulations and rules established by the Company with respect to passenger transportation and their assets, as well as with the vessel’s captain orders and they will not be allowed in the restricted areas of same.

13.- The carrier will be able to cancel the vessel´s departure in case of force majeure or act of God, not being the passenger in such situation entitled to the reimbursement of what he/she paid for the ticket or to any damage indemnity whatsoever.

14.- In case of delay of the vessel’s departure or its delay in arriving at the destination port, the passenger will be entitled to, during the delay period, lodging and food on the vessel in case they are included in the ticket price agreement. However, should the sailing or arrival delay be due to other causes beyond the carrier’s responsibility, the passenger will not be entitled to demand the reimbursement of the ticket price and/or any other indemnity for damages he/she has undergone.

15.- When the voyage is temporarily interrupted due to causes imputed to the carrier, the passenger will be entitled to lodging and food, without the Company being able to charge supplementary payment. Should the interruption be definitive and be caused by force majeure or act of God, the passenger shall pay the percentage corresponding to the itinerary covered, without being entitled to any kind of indemnity.

16.- The vessel may sail any route, enter or leave any port with or without bay experts or tugboats, tug or be tugged or help other vessels in all kinds of situations, arrive, return to port, go off course and call any port in any order, whether they are or not in the right order or direct or normal course of the voyage and, should it be forced to that due to quarantine or other governmental or municipal provisions or to another force majeure, may without prejudice of any other right or faculty granted by these reasons, fail to call the ports established in the itinerary without being responsible for any effect arising from said change of course or omission.

17.- The sailing date and hour indicated in the passenger ticket is estimated. The passenger must confirm the boarding 48 hours before sailing. Thus, the Company will not be responsible for the delay of the vessel sailing, if it is imputed to force majeure or act of God.

18.- When the whole voyage or any part of it or other services indicated in the ticket, is provided by other means than those of the Company, the latter when issuing this ticket only hires said services as the agent of the person, firm or entity that provides such services. All agreements so executed by the Company, as agent, will be subject to the regulations and conditions of said person, firm or entity.

19.- Without prejudice of the other conditions previously established, the Company is free to cancel all its obligations arising from the ticket agreement, without undertaking, as a result of it, any obligation to reimburse the price, pay damages to the passenger because of force majeure or act of God.

20.- Notwithstanding, the indication of the destination port included in the ticket, assuming that, upon the order or request from any pertinent authority or who appears as competent to issue such order or request, or considering the tenor of the terms of the vessel’s war risk insurance, its route, by any reason, is taken off to any port other than the destination port indicated in this ticket, the Company’s obligations in accordance with this agreement shall be interpreted as if the port to which the vessel was taken were indicated in this ticket, instead of the destination port specified in it. In this case, the Company’s responsibility pursuant to this agreement terminates when the vessel calls the port it has been taken.

21.- The vessel is free to comply with any order or instruction regarding the cargo, departure, routes, ports of call, interruptions, transshipments, unloading, arrival to destination or any others that may be established by pertinent authorities. In case the Company is not allowed, because of the aforementioned orders, to disembark passengers at the destination port indicated in the ticket, the Company is entitled to disembark them at any other port the vessel calls (being such port either before or after the destination port); being understood in such a case that the ticket agreement has been subscribed and fully executed in the appropriate manner, and the Company’s responsibilities will cease at that moment. Therefore, in such case the Company will not be forced to reimburse the passenger the complete or partial price of his/her ticket, nor will it be responsible for paying or providing passenger with transportation to his/her destination or indemnifying him/her for any expense he/she has incurred during his/her staying ashore while waiting to continue his/her voyage to his/her final destination or due to any other cause.

22.-The Company counts with insurance policies that cover civil liability for potential losses or damages that may be suffered by, or caused to passengers and their properties on board of the vessels. Said liability is governed by the conditions of the sea transportation contract of passengers, evidenced in passenger´s ticket, and by the pertinent regulations of the Third Book of Commercial Code of the Republic of Chile. If the passenger wishes to be covered for additional risk, like health, death or other that could take place during the voyage, affecting the passenger or his/her goods, or whishes to have assistance in those events, he/she must acquire a special insurance policy with the company of his/her preference.

23.- Any controversy arising between the passenger and the company will be subject to the pertinent provisions of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Chile Book III


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Cruise with Mare Australis,The Fjords in Patagonia and Fire land from Punta Arenas Chili to Ushuaya Argentina

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