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Galapagos cruises on the Galapagos legend 4 or 5 days cruises

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Categories: Ecuador, Galapagos
4 or 5 days | CODE: EC-143
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Tour for 4 or 5 days

This is the 5 days Program, ask us with the same boat the 4 days program!


Boutique Expedition Cruise Ship – 100-passenger capacity. Embarkation Days: Monday & Thursday Year-Round

Prices 2018 in USD in double cabin each person


Cabin Category




Numr of cabins


3 NightMon


4 Nights Thu


7 Nights Mon & Thu

Standard Interior Earth 3 1,662 2,215 3,606
Standard Plus Sea 7 2,058 2,743 4,465
Junior Suite Earth 28 2,346 3,128 5,090
Balcony Suite Sky/Moon 17 2,798 3,697 6,054
Legend Balcony Suite Moon 1 3,250 4,270 7,020

NOTE Every date have different program, please ask the right program for your date 

From Guayaquil or Quito
in the Galapagos Legend Navigating in a 100 passenger Luxury expedition

Our philosophy is based on an environment without any formalisms or strict etiquette as in other luxury vessels but maintaining some important aspects like excellence in quality services.  Panoramic windows not only allow you to observe your destination but also to be part of it. In its ample social areas you will be able to do countless activities. With only one hundred people on board you will enjoy exclusivity and a personalized attention. Enjoy the landscapes and view on any of the outer decks. 

The Legend Programs from starting Monday 4 days  or Thursday 5 days

det_199M/V Galapagos Legend, 100-Passenger Capacity

In November 2007, the Legend was reconstructed, refurbished, and placed at the top of the modernizing Galapagos cruise fleet. The 5-star, expedition-style, motor vessel (M/V) Galapagos Legend, accommodates a maximum of 100 adventure explorers with comfort in mind.

The Legend’s 3, 4 and 7-night weekly cruises turn Darwin’s “living labratory” into a terrific course in evolution and natural history. With 2,746 GRTs, the Legend offers all the amenities of a larger cruise liner, yet she still brings to you the intimate feel of family-style cruising. The Galapagos Legend has been re-designed with your comfort and safety in mind, so you may get the most out of your Galapagos Vacation.

Day 1: Thursday


– AM – Baltra airport
Departure from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra (2 ½ hours flight). Passengers are picked up at the airport by our naturalist guides and taken on a ten minute bus drive to the  pier to board the M/V Galapagos Legend.

– PM – Black Turtle Cove
On the north shore of Santa Cruz Island, accessible only by sea where four species of  mangrove crowd from the shore out into the lagoon, turtle enjoy swimming in the  calm waters, peaking their heads above the surface while fish, rays and small sharks circle below. White-tipped reef sharks can be seen beneath the boat, sea birds, including pelicans, herons and egrets, all feed in the cove. This cove has been declared  as a “Turtle Sanctuary”.
Difficulty level: easy
Duration: 1h00

Day 2 – Friday

det_201 AM – Sullivan Bay (Santiago)
Wet landing. This visitor site located at the southeastern portion of Santiago Island, and of important geologic interest, features extensive lava flows believed to have been  formed during the last quarter of the 19th century.
Difficulty level: difficult, 1.5 km path.
Type of terrain: flat volcanic lava
Duration: 1h30 walk / 1 hour snorkeling/swimming

– PM – Rabida
Wet landing. Dark-red sand covers these unique beaches with incredible landscape; Rabida is considered the epicenter of the Galapagos Islands due to the diversity of its volcanic geology. Nesting Brown Pelicans are found from July through September and nine species of the famous Darwin’s finches can be seen. We will also take a dinghy ride along cliffs to observe nesting seabirds, and snorkel off the coast, where marine life is particularly active.
Difficulty level: easy
Type of terrain: sandy
Duration: 1h30 walk / 1 hour snorkeling / 1 hour dinghy ride

Day 3 – Saturday

det_202 AM – Urbina Bay (Isabela)
Wet landing on a volcanic “black” beach. Depending on the season, we may find giant tortoises*, land iguanas* and the unusual Flightless Cormorant. After a short walk inland, snorkeling time is allotted, giving you yet another chance to swim with sea turtles, sea lions and countless tropical fish. Urbina Bay features a wide variety of plant life that changes depending on the season. We can observe the beautiful colors of plants that attract different insects, birds and reptiles. We will explore the uplifted coral reef that resulted from 1954 volcanic activity, with a spectacular view of Alcedo
Difficulty level: intermediate
Type of terrain: flat
Duration: 1h30 walk / 1 hour snorkeling

PM – Tagus Cove (Isabela)
Dry landing on Galapagos’ largest island where we will learn about the eruption of the five volcanoes that form it. The trail leads to Darwin’s salt-water crater Lake and excellent views of lava fields and volcanic formations. We will return by the same path for a dinghy ride along a shoreline full of marine wildlife, where we will admire a variety of seabirds*, such as Blue-footed Booby, Brown Noddy, terns, Flightless Cormorant and depending on the season, a large number of Galapagos Penguins* which are only 35 cm. tall; the only penguin species in the world to extend its range into the northern hemisphere along the equator. They are monogamous and lay their eggs in small cracks of lava, on the lower parts of the island near the shoreline not reached by the ocean waves.
The population of penguins on the islands is about 2,000 individuals, most of which live on this western portion of Isabela; others are scattered further south on the island. We will have an opportunity to snorkel in deep water. Graffiti believed to have been left by19th-century pirates is a curious reminder of an intriguing past.
Difficulty level: intermediate
Type of terrain: steep
Duration: 2 hour walk / 40 minutes dinghy ride / deep water
snorkeling 1 hour

Day 4 – Sunday

det_203– AM – Espinosa Point (Fernandina)
Dry landing. Espinosa Point is the only spot that we visit on Fernandina, and from it we can see the island of Isabela across the Bolívar Channel, an area that boasts some of the highest diversity of endemic sea fauna in the Galapagos. The largest, most primitive-looking race of marine iguanas* are found mingling with sea lions and Sally Lightfoot Crabs; a wonderful opportunity to encounter Flightless Cormorants at their nesting sites, Galapagos Penguins and the “King” of predators on the Islands, the Galapagos Hawk.
“Pa-hoe-hoe” and “AA” lava formations* cover the majority of the terrain.
Vegetation is thus scarce inland, but we encounter Brachycereus cacti and extensive
mangrove beds lining the shores.
Difficulty level: intermediate
Type of terrain: rocky Duration: 2 hours walk / 1hour snorkeling

– PM – Vicente Roca Point (Isabela)
Great deep-water* snorkeling at one of the richest marine havens on Earth (Bolívar Channel). We take a dinghy ride along the coast to observe a great diversity of sea
and coastal birds*; Nazca and blue-footed boobies, noddies, brown pelicans, penguins, flightless cormorants. The upwelling of coldwater currents in this part of the
Galapagos gives rise to an abundance of marine life.
Duration: 1 hour snorkeling / 1 hour dinghy ride

Day 5: Monday

det_601AM – Highlands (Santa Cruz)
Dry landing. A 45-minute bus ride will take us to the Santa Cruz highlands, located to the northwest of Puerto Ayora, where we will find a natural reserve with giant
tortoises. These enormous and slow-moving reptiles are responsible for the island’s name and therefore approaching them in their humid and forested abode is always an
inspiring adventure. They can weigh between 250 and 300 kg and can live up to 150-200 years.
Difficulty level: easy
Type of terrain: flat & muddy sometimes (depending on season)
Duration: 45 minutes drive / 1h30 walk
After the visit passengers will be transferred to Baltra airport for return flight to Guayaquil or Quito.





















INFO Boats

Supplements :
Children under 12 years old, 25% discount sharing the cabin with 2 adults
Single supplement, 80% out of the net rate

Low season :
January 5 – March 28, May 15 – June 20, September 1 – September 30, November 25 – December 15. All Prices above are for off peak dates. For peak dates pricing, please add $50.00 per person for the 3 or 4-night cruises and $100.00 per person for the 7-night cruises.

High season:
Rest of the year

Not included :
* Air tickets Quito or Guayaquil to/from Galapagos: US$ 470 approx per adult*, 50% discount for
children under 12 years old. Tickets will be invoiced and issued only by KT to guarantee the space.
* Galapagos National Park Tax: US$ 100.00 per adult
*.This tax can be paid directly by the passengers (cash only) or can be invoiced and prepaid by KT under request.
* Galapagos National Institute Migration Control Card INGALA: US$ 10.00.
* Snorkeling equipment US$ 20.00 per short cruise and wet suits US$ 25.00 per short cruise.
* Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
* Medical services, travel insurance and others not specified.
* Tips & personal expenses.

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Categories: Ecuador, Galapagos

Galapagos cruises on the Galapagos legend 4 or 5 days cruises

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