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Chauchilla graveyard Nazca

Chauchilla Cemetery located 30 km (18.6 miles) south of the city of Nasca in Peru. It is the only archaeological site in Peru, in which ancient mummies are seen in their original graves.  This cemetery had been used for a period of anywhere between the 3rd and 9th century, but the most important burials belong to 600 – 700. The bodies are remarkably preserved due mainly to the dry climate in the desert but the funeral rites were also a contributing factor. The bodies were clothed in embroidered cotton and then painted with a resin. The resin is thought to have slowed bacteria trying to feed on the bodies.  

The cemetery was discovered in the 1920s, but was officially recognized as an archaeological monument and protected only since 1997. For many years the Chauchilla Cemetery was looted by treasure hunters, who destroyed the place completely, taking away all the treasures the mummies kept in their tombs for centuries.


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Chauchilla graveyard Nazca

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