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Colca canyon 3 days convencional tour + trekking

This excursion is a combination of normal visit and trekking:, colca canyon, Arequipa, Chivay, sangalle south peru

Day 1: The normal Colca tour and
Day 2: The trekking in the Canyon
Day 3: Cabanaconde – Chivay- Arequipa ( or continue to puno)

This tour will give you the best view of the Colca Canyon and the condors.


Day 1: Chivay 
A tourist bus will pick you up from your hotel at about 7.45 to 8 a.m. The bus will take you down the road to Yura heading towards the Valley of the Colca. This will be a trip of 4 hours towards the destination for the first night. The 4 hour trip is not direct, but highlighted with stops at the most important places. The first stop will be at the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca and Salinas, a place where you can observe the famous vicuñas and the other side of the volcanoes of Arequipa. The second stop will be at the Police station where a passengers list will be given to them and after that we will continue until the third stop, the restaurant El Chino, where you can use the bathrooms, drink a coca tea (good for stomach ache and altitude) and a place where you can appreciate the stone wood formations. The fourth part is a place where you can see llamas and alpacas, domesticated by the man in the heights. The fifth stop is on the highest point called Patapampa 4800 meters above sea level. Here is where you can observe 8 volcanoes forming a circle of fire. From here, we will descent until the main town Chivay 3600 mt to have lunch and to rest in the hotel. You will have time off after lunch to visit the market of Chivay, rest or stay in the hotel. In the afternoon we will visit the hot springs of LA CALERA, where you can bathe in one of the pools with water temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. You will return to your hotel at night and will have the option to visit some folkloric peñas in the town of Chivay.


Day 2: Condors and trekking After breakfast at 6.30 am we will leave to the Condor Cross ( 3700 mt)  at 6.30 am, where you can observe the Colca Canyon and the flight of the Condor. From Chivay it is approximately one hour and a half driving. You’ll stay there for about 2 hours. Along  the way we will visit the Colca towns; Yanque, with its beautiful church and Maca with its interesting geological problem, the lookout points Huayrapunko – a complete view of the terraces and the mysterious lagoons of the valley, Quehuisha where ice melts originated from the Amazons. After condor cross its about 10 min more driving to Cabanaconde 3287 mt the main base. Exactly the name of place is Pampa San Miguel where we will begin our trek to the village of San Juan de Chuccho; a zig-zag descent of switchbacks that takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. (7km)After crossing a suspension bridge, we will eat lunch in San Juan (San Juan is a small village located to 2300 masl. in the other margin of the Colca River, dotted with fruit trees, rustic houses, and abundant water). We will continue walking about 3hrs (7km) in the depths of the canyon visiting the villages of Cosnirhua and Malata, 2450 mt where we can appreciate the terraces full of fruit orchards. Afterwards, we will continue on to the ‘Oasis Sangalle– Paraíso las Palmeras Lodge.”At 4:45pm we will arrive in ‘Oasis Sangalle– Paraíso las Palmeras Lodge.” at a high 2180 meters above sea level.  We will rest and spend a refreshing afternoon here at the exotic 20°C rock pool (pisco sours, colca sours and other cocktails are not included but are available for purchase at the lodge). At 7:00pm we will have a dinner and we’ll sleep in the basic lodge. The end of this day.


Day 3: Cabanaconde – Arequipa
5:00am. Group meeting in the main patio of the hotel.  We’ll start the ascent at 5:15am and hike for 3 hours (7km) from the Sangalle oasis (2180 mt ) to Cabanaconde.( 3287 mt)After eating breakfast in Cabanaconde, we will board our private bus to Chivay, making two stops on the way: one at the Antahuilque viewpoint (for a panorama of the valley´s villages and pre-Incan terraces), and the other stop in the town of Maca (to see its colonial church and appreciate its artisan goods, domesticated eagles and for those interested, drink a pisco or colca sour made with Zancayo cactus fruit).12:00pm We will enjoy the relaxing medicinal 38°c hot springs  on the shores of the Colca River in Yanque for 1 hour. (of optional way)Afterwards, we will eat a buffet lunch in Chivay. (not include)2:30pm. Return to the city of Arequipa. On the way, we will make two stops: one in Patapampa, where we will appreciate the view of the snow-covered mountains and most important volcanoes in the south of the country; and the other stop in the Reserva Nacional de Salinas y Aguada Blanca to see the llamas and alpacas. 5:30pm. End of the tour in Arequipa; drop off beside the main door of the Santa Catalina Monastery.(in optional way is possible the connection chivay-puno)


Professional guide
1 night in the lodge Oasis Sangalle
Swimming pool at sangalle
1 hostal or hotel in chivay first night
02 breakfast
01 lunch
01 dinner
First aid kit
selfie lama

Not included
Entrance ticket    70 Sol
Entrance to La Calera hotsprings      15 Sol
2 lunch +1 diner

What do we need when you make a reservation?
* Scan or copy of your passport..
*Departing date for the trail.
*We ask for a 40% deposit, sending to us  via visa or Pay Pall online through this website:+5,5 %  or Wetravel 4,5 % (cost credit cards charge us) The balance you will pay at our office in Cusco  or Lima before the start of the trek. We accept cash USD or credit card (+5,5%)

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Colca canyon 3 days convencional tour + trekking

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