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Ecuador mainland complete sporty 19 days included jungle

Ecuador in 19 days

Individual tour with, hotels/transport and excursions included

You can choose this tour in 3 Options

1 Budget tour : in hostals/ local transport / excursions in international group

2 classic tour: in 3* hotels/ mix local transport – private / mix private excursions – international group

3 Luxe tour: all 4 * hotels / private transport / private excursions/ included entree fees

How do we work?
In our packet, you travel all by yourself, South America Planet takes care of you, we reserve all your hotels and transportation.  The excursions you do in International groups or in private are with English speaking guides.

Our local agent arranges also your transfers and gives you the bus tickets to go from A to B, like this, you travel around by yourself but without worries, all arranged thru South America Planet. If there are any problems, you always find support by contacting our offices via Whatsapp


What is included?
* All bus transport, all hotels and all the tours as indicated in the program.
* All hotels are based on double room with private bathroom, single rooms on request for an extra price, all buses are based on good buses
* all the transfers

Not included
* Your food, in the hotels is breakfast included.
* The entry fees and taxes, like airport tax.
*Local and international flights
* Optional excursions

Flights to Quito (UIO) | Copa Airlines

Day 1 Quito
Arrival in Quito from where you will have a transfer to your hotel where you will spend the night. Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, existed before the Incas arrived in the 15th century. Just before the Spaniards invaded the city in 1534 the Inca General Rumiñahui has put the city into ashes. He rather destroyed the city than put it in the hands of the Spaniards. The city was then rebuilt and as a result of that, the Spaniards have had a major influence on the current status of the city. Quito is located at 2850 meters altitude, is 70 meters long and its widest part is 8 km. Quito is located in the Pichincha province, named after the volcano, that lies next to the city.

Day 2 Quito

Free day to acclimatize and visit the historic center of Quito.

The capital of Ecuador has just like the country many faces and therefore there is something for everyone! You have time to visit the beautiful historic center (of course we can organize this tour with one of our guides). Besides Quito itself selves you also can make nice bike rides to Cotopaxi or Papallacta. Visit the park to observe the local life, visit the new center with hip bars, or admire one of the many museums. Another option is to visit a project: for example, you can help with cooking for the elderly, or choose to lend a hand at a school for teenage mothers.


Day 3 Quito – Bike tour

Today you will make a beautiful bike tour, namely the Cotopaxi bike tour: a breathtaking bike tour (certainly figuratively, but sometimes literally) through the beautiful landscape of National Park Cotopaxi. You have a perfect view of the majestic volcano “Cotopaxi” with its snowy peak. In the morning you leave early by car to the park. The tour starts with a climb from the parking lot (4600 meters) to the Refugio (4800 meters).  After the return, your bikes will be ready to start an exciting downhill from the parking lot (4600 meters) on the volcano. You will discover the flatter area of this park (with wild horses) by bicycle (including nice lunch)!

Day 4 Jungle Cuyabeno

Today you will be picked up for a transfer to the airport. The journey takes approximately 1.15 minutes and you must be at the airport 1 hour before departure for the flight (1 hour) to Lago Agrio. Here the jungle tour in Cuyabeno starts, starting with a 1-hour drive and 2-hour canoe trip to the simple, but cozy lodge. Your stay is in one of the most special locations in the Reserve. The Lodge is idyllically located in one of the last unspoiled native jungle in the Amazon, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Since 1979 designated by Ecuador as a protected nature reserve of no less than 603,380 square kilometers. This positive step forward towards the preservation of part of the Amazon has ensured that the Lodge was developed around the idea of ​​low impact eco-tourism. This way energy is obtained from the sun. The design of the lodge is very modern. All furniture is made locally. The lodge consists of four lodgings and each cabana has its bathroom. You can enjoy the hammock on the terrace. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included during your stay.

mindo 2

Day 5 Jungle Cuyabeno

In the coming days, various activities will be organized to discover nature. Along the river, you will find different animal species in their natural habitat such as monkeys, toucans, parrots, insects, and of course the exuberant Amazonian vegetation. After breakfast, you will make a trip through the primary forest for 3 to 4 hours. During this tour, your guide will explain how the complex tropical ecosystem works and you will also get information about the medicinal plants. In the evening you will leave with a canoe in search of caimans. Hike through the primary forest (3 hours) where you can view the complex tropical ecosystem with its beautiful and unique flora and fauna. After lunch, there is a canoe trip.


Day 6 Jungle Cuyabeno
In the morning a canoe trip to view the flora and fauna: birds, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins, turtles, etc. In the afternoon you will take a walk-through primary forest and visit a viewing tower for a unique view over the Amazon. During a night walk through the primary forest, look for insects, spiders, geckos, and scorpions. Listening to the nightly sounds of the jungle is a unique experience.

Day 7 Quito Hacienda

Early in the morning one last hike through the jungle and also visit the Siona Community. During this tour, you will learn more about the customs, traditions, and way of life. You can also help to prepare Casave; a local dish made from yucca. If you canoe on the Rio Cuyabeno you have the chance to spot various birds, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins, turtles, and many others. Then to Lago Agrio and by plane to Quito (arrival at dusk). Then transfer to your hotel at Quito with private transport. You are now staying outside the center on a nice quiet part near the airport


Day 8    Baños

In the morning you wake up in one of the most special places in our world. After a nice breakfast, you can take a walk, horseback tour, or enjoy the view. Then there is the departure with private transport to Baños (3 hours). In consultation, this ride can be adapted with an extra trip to the volcano lake Quilotoa, this beautifully colored lake looks different every day. It can be chilly here so make sure you have warm clothes with you. after the stop, travel on to Baños. This travel day lasts about 6 hours. After arriving in Baños you can relax in the town and enjoy the fine restaurants. You can also visit the hot water baths. There is something for everyone in the pleasant town of Baños. In the coming days, you can take a nice mountain bike ride along various waterfalls. If this goes too fast you can also take a lovely walk along these waterfalls. Even more refreshing activities include river rafting or a Canyoning tour. In the evening you can enjoy the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants.


Day 9 Baños 

Today mountain bikes are ready for you to take a nice bike tour *.

Waterfalls tour with bicycle: A varied cycling trip to the river “Rio Verde” with the impressive waterfall, “Pailón del Diablo”, 20 km from Baños towards Puyo. Real knucklebones can cycle, all the way, to Puyo, past Rio Verde, and then through the gorge through which the Rio Pastaza flows. It is fantastic to see the gorge and go down with a view of the “Selva” or the virgin forests of Ecuador.

Day 10 Baños – Guamote

In the morning you will go by private transport to Riobamba where you will do the Hidden Valley bike tour: discover the local Andes life by bike e / a. we can also plan an Andean hike here. * Chimborazo Hidden Valley bike tour: During this tour, you will start on the highest volcano in Ecuador with a climb from the parking lot (4800m) to the Refugio (5000m). Then you will go on a great bike ride to Ambato. A great experience where you will pass small villages and are surrounded by beautiful nature. On the way, you will get a nice lunch. After the bike tour, you will be taken to the village of Guamote. Here you can learn more about the local culture in a relaxed and high-quality stay. This attractive comfortable residence is diametrically opposed to the simple life of Guamote. (option is a stay in an authentic Hacienda near Riobamba or a homestay) Guamote is known for the Thursday market from here there is also an opportunity to take a beautiful walk with a guide to the Ozogocho Lake

guamote markt & colta meer

Day 11 Cuenca
This morning you go further south and a travel day with public transport is planned (6 hours). If desired, we can also use one of our drivers for this ride so that you can travel by private transport. In that case, a stop is possible at the Inca Ruine Ingapirca. (The train is currently on hold and the famous train route Nariz del Diablo is not possible. In the evening you have free time to do a city tour and admire the beautiful colonial Cuenca because Cuenca is the colonial city of Ecuador, where you stately mansions with large patios, charming squares, and many churches and cathedrals, both during the day and at night you can relax and stroll through the streets along with cheerful flower stalls, vegetable markets and stock up on souvenirs at the artisan market for your home

Day 12 Cuenca
In the coming days, the city will be home to the most diverse activities that you can easily do yourself! Bored is not an option. For example, you can visit the mysterious “Parque Cajas” at 3800m with its special “paper trees”. If you prefer to stay in the city: the UNESCO-protected historic center with its many markets and small streets is worth a visit. Cuenca is also known for its good museums and of course the Panama hat factory. In the area are many small villages with local markets that are very interesting to visit. Or something completely different: go to the sauna in a cave!

Day 13 Cuenca

An unforgettable guided tour * is planned for this day. In the morning you will leave for the Parque Cajas where you will take a walk through the lake area at an altitude of 4000m. This special park, of 1000 lakes, is located 45 minutes from Cuenca. You will go for a walk with the guide, after the tour, there is an opportunity to eat something and then you will return to Cuenca.

Day 14 Vilcabamba

Travel day 5 hours (with a tourist van shared private transport). You will take a beautiful drive through the Andes with spectacular views over the “Andean desert”. After arrival, you can relax in the town. A paradise tucked away in the south of Ecuador, nestled in a picturesque valley. In a rolling landscape with beautiful nature, you can enjoy the wonderful fresh air in Vilcabamba. Your stay is located in the beautiful hills of Vilcabamba. Just outside the center and offers a phenomenal view over the town and the vast nature. Here you can enjoy good food and a delicious glass of wine. You will stay in luxurious cabanas and there is a beautiful swimming pool. An option is a visit to Saraguro where there is also a local market on Sundays.

Day 15 Vilcabamba

In the coming days, you can relax on the ‘coast on the Andes’. This old hippie city offers enough possibilities to just relax or to actively go out. In the coming days you can, for example, take a coffee and sugar tour by bicycle. You will visit both a part of the National Park Podocarpus as a coffee plantation and you can see the processing of cane sugar. Or take a walk at “Rumi Wilco”, a rugged nature reserve through which a river meanders. Also, nice: visit the National Park Podocarpus on foot or horseback.

Day 16 Puerto Lopez      

In the morning, relax by the pool or take a walk at the nature reserve of Rumi Wilco. Then transfer to Loja airport for a flight to Guayaquil. Here you will be picked up to continue to Puerto Lopez.

The west coast of Ecuador is extra special because of the nature park “Machililla”. This way you will not only be pampered by a beautiful sea, but also beautiful nature. Be pampered here with fantastic fish meals, a relaxed atmosphere, and a dip in the water. These days you stay wonderfully on the beach on a private piece of paradise in Puerto Lopez. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet and walk straight onto the beach. The village itself is less than 15 minutes walking distance.

Day 17 Puerto Lopez
Free day, for example, a visit to the beaches of Los Frailes and Aguas Blancas with sulfur bath, a horseback riding tour to the cloud forest, a walk on the beach or just relaxing on the beach in the hammock and a booklet

Day 18 Puerto Lopez

Today you will make a nice day tour. You cannot miss a visit to the island of “Isla la Plata” or “Poorman’s Galapagos” when you visit Puerto Lopez. Humpback whales can even be seen from June to September. With a boat trip to the island. There you will take a three-hour walk, where you can see different birds up close, such as the famous “Blue Footed Boobies” and Frigatebirds just like on Galapagos. After the hike, you will have the opportunity to take another refreshing dip in the water and admire the underwater world. The snorkeling takes about 45 minutes. *

Day 19 Puerto Lopez – Guayaquil
In the afternoon you go with the driver (PV) to Guayaquil. There you will fly home with the international flight, arriving the next day.

* Activity package

Activity: (5th Cotobike, Baños bike, Chimbo bike, Cajas walk, Isla plata)

Transport Private extra charge (Baños –Cuenca en Cuenca-Pto López)

Please take into account that throughout the country there are several markets and each market has a special market day.

In the case of other tours, it is important to mention that not all are possible in private. In the description of the tours, it will be mentioned if It is possible or not.

All transport will be with Spanish speaking drivers. English speaking drivers are available on request.


Galápagos:Galápagos Click here for our programs 

Galapagos is a special place with even more special conditions. You might already know them but just in case I´ll mention the most important below so that you can take it into account in case you are interested in going to Galapagos:

In case clients are interested in a land tour or a cruise availability must always be checked. We can offer all cruises. To be able to check availability please send us the following information:

*  Number of days passengers want to travel
* Kind of cruise or land tour
* Kind of rooms (on cruises mainly double rooms are available). In case of single, please inform if you are  willing to share a cabin (in case of cruises) to save costs
Once we have this information we will check availability and will send you an answer
*Please take into account that all boats have certain itineraries and have fixed departure dates. Therefore, it is easier if passengers are a bit flexible in their departure date to Galapagos so that we have more options to offer.

* In case clients are interested in one of the cruises or land tours offered we can take an option for a maximum of 5 working days. The option is free of charge and will expire automatically if we don´t have an answer from your side.
*If passengers want to make a reservation; we need to receive copies of their passports. Without the copies, we cannot book.
* Itineraries for the Galapagos are always subject to change
* Most of the time we have the obligation to buy the flight tickets with the cruise company. In case passengers (or SAP) books their tickets we cannot be held responsible for any extra costs and/or missing (part of) the cruise.

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Ecuador mainland complete sporty 19 days included jungle

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