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Highlights of Southamerica, From lima to Buenos Aires ( over Bolivia and Chili) in 18 Days

Individual tour with hotels transports and excursions included
From Lima to —Buenos Aires  with Lima-Cusco-Machu Picchu-  La Paz – Uyuni – San Pedro de atacama- Salta – Iguazu – Buenos Aires 

From North to South, from the city of the Incas to the Paris of South America, this 18-day journey will showcase the wide diversity of this incredible continent. Explore Machu Picchu’s ruins, visit the amazing salt flats  in Uyuni,  take your first Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, feel the power of water at the immense Iguazu Falls. A trip specially designed for true wanderlusters!

Come and see it all!

You can choose this tour by selecting the following 3 options

1/ Budget tour : in hostals; local transport / excursions in international group

2/ Classic tour: at 3* hotels; mix local transport – private / mix private excursions – internat group

3/ Luxe tour: at 4* hotels; most of the time private transport / private excursions/ included entrance fee

How do we work ?
In our packet, you will travel all by yourself. South America planet take care of you; we reserve all your hotels transfers and transport. When you arrive in Peru you will get a personal briefing in your first hotel + information and the vouchers, buses and excursions. You will do excursions in International groups or private with English speaking guides.

We will arrange your transfers, like this, you will travel around by yourself but without worries. If there are any problems, you can always find support by contacting our office in Cusco or Lima!

What is included? 

* Hotels and all the tours as indicated in the program.
* Hotels are based on double rooms with private bathroom, single rooms on request for an extra price, buses are based on good buses, we work most of the time with cruz del sur, the best company in Peru.
* We can offer this tour in star hotels or local clean hostels, or in a mix
* Transfers

Day 1: Lima city Peru
You will arrive at the airport in Lima. Someone from South America planet will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your first hotel in Lima or Miraflores.
Hotel and Hostal in Lima

Day 2 : Lima city tour
The city of Lima, also known as the City of Kings, was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535 on the right bank of the Rímac river because of the excellent strategic and geographic conditions of this valley.
Lima, whose name comes from the Quechua word Rímac, which translated into Spanish means talker, began its rapid growth amidst the testimonies of the mille-nary cultures that developed in the entire area. During the Viceroy ship, between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, Lima became the most important and powerful metropolis in Spanish America, and the cultural and commercial center of the region, until the creation of the Viceroy ship of La Plata in the 18th century, which took up the famous mines of Potosí. Already in 1 821, following a series of intense political movements, General San Martín proclaimed the independence of Peru. Thus the Republican period of the country had begun. Today, Lima is a modern city that offers a wide array of attractions which, united to its rich past, provides visitors with a harmonious synthesis of all this historic richness in its many museums, traditional quarters, restaurants, handicrafts galleries and night life.

It will be your first day  in Lima and today you will have a half day city tour. The tour begins with a visit to the historical downtown of Lima, also known as “the City of the Kings”. The stops include the Main Square of Lima, upon which lays the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the City Hall. Next on the itinerary, is a visit to the Santo Domingo Convent. You can also drive through Miraflores and San Isidro. The city tour will include an English speaking guide. It will take 3 1/2 hours. The tour starts and finishes in your hotel. After city tour, we have transfer to the airport and flight to Cusco( 1 h ).Upon arrival to Cuzco airport we’ll drive you to your hotel in Sacred Valley and you’ll have the rest of the afternoon to get used to altitude.
City tour in Lima (Private) included entree fee
Transfer in Lima to airport
Transfer from airport cuso to sacred valley
Hotel or hostel in Sacred valley
Not included:
Lunch + diner
Local flight ( we can arrange at good rates)

Day 3 : Sacred Valley – cusco
Today we will visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is divided by the Urubamba River and protected by towering mountains, like Veronica, Chicon, and Pitusiray, all above 5000 meters . Yourare visiting the local market in a small village of Pisac. After lunch you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the impressive Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo town and ceremonial center, an important archeological site and an Inca stronghold during the Spanish conquest. We lunch at a nice pic nic place in the sacred valley. We sleep in the sacred valley.
Sacred Valley tour in private
Pic nic lunch 
Hotel – Hostal in the sacred valley
Cusco visitor ticket + entree fees
Not included:

typical clothes in sacred valley Peru

Day 4 : amazing  Machu Picchu 
Today we will leave early from our hotel, transfer to the railwaystation, to go by train in 1h.30 min to the village of Aquas calientes.  You will start with a guided tour of the ruins for 2 h, in which you will learn all about the origins of this archeological wonder with some free time to explore on your own. Your return train through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Cusco will depart in the afternoon and arrive in the evening. hotel in Cusco
You will be transported by bus to Machu Picchu citadel, Our bilingual guide will take you throughout the vast ruins for about 2h. After this you have some free time to wander around yourself Machu Picchu is the best known of the Inca ruins, as it is recognized worldwide yet it is not mentioned in any of the writings of the Spanish Conquistadors. It believed to have been constructed around the mid-15th century and was “rediscovered” by American historian Hiram Bingham in 1911. The guided tour of this fascinating place is an inspiring experience. Visit the Main Square, the Royal Quarters, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Circular Towers, the Sacred Sun Dial and Burial Grounds.  After the excursion you can walk to Inti Punko, the “SUN GATE” to take the famous picture. Than you drive down by bus to the town of Aqua Calientes where we take the afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo. From here the private car brings you to your hotel in the sacred valley, to pick up luggage, before we drive to Cusco

Bus to Machu Picchu
Entrance to Machu Picchu
2 h English speaking guide in group (4* private)
Bus down
Train roundtrip Ollantaytambo
lunch in Aquas calientes
Transfer from Ollantaytambo to Cusco
Hotel and hostal in Cusco
Not included:

amazing Machu picchu

Day 5 : Cusco City tour

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, Cuzco contains the top examples of Incan architecture, which is based on their multiple uses of rock as the main building material. In the afternoon, we’ll pick you up at your hotel to start your Cuzco city tour with a visit to the Coricancha, also known as the “Temple of the Sun”, the construction of which was ordered by Inca Pachacútec (1438-1471) when he was a powerful Incan leader. This is where the Sun (Inti, in Quechua) was worshipped during the reign of the Inca Empire. We’ll continue on to visit the Cathedral, the most important building in the Main Square (construction lasted almost a century) and one of the most breathtaking Spanish colonial churches in America. Our next stop will be the Sacsayhuamán fortress, an emblematic Incan piece of work, which protected the Holy City. It was built with giant megalithic blocks, the transportation and construction of which continue to be a mystery.  You’ll visit Qenqo, located just over 2 miles away from Cuzco City (where it is believed that agricultural rituals took place), to finish with the visit of the vestiges of Puka Pukara, the “red fortress”, located 4.5 miles away from Cuzco. At the end of this full historical and natural immersion in Cuzco’s heritage, we’ll drive you back to your hotel.

City tour in cusco in shared service ( in 4* private ) including entree fees
Hotel and hostal in Cusco
Not included:
Lunch+ diner

Day 6 – Cuzco /flight to  La Paz

Today we’ll pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the local airport for your flight to La Paz, the vibrant capital of Bolivia.

Welcome to Bolivia!

La Paz (3636 m). We have beautiful scenery and snowy mountain tops. In La Paz you can wonder around in one of the 100 markets around the city or the witches market. crossing the mountain regions of Bolivia and getting close to the lifestyle of the Aymaras. Hotel in la Paz and free time to discover this big city and his many markets.
Transfer to airport in Cusco
Transfer from airport La Paz
hotel  or Hostal in La Paz 
Not included
Lunch + diner
Local flights and airport-tax

Day 7 : La Paz City tour
Today we have 1/2 day city tour La Paz. Visit the Indian Markets and Witches market, as well as the beautiful San Francisco Basilica and Murillo Square. Or the Government palace, National Congress, Metropolitan Cathedral.
Big 30 floor skyscrapers and modern shopping centers where traditional Indians and office personnel are making this city really colorful. As you continue to travel further down to the south you will begin to notice that the climate also changes as it becomes warmer and greener. The difference between central La Paz and the South can be sometimes 1000 meters which is part of the reason that the rich live in this part and the poorer population lives in the colder, higher suburbs of El Alto. Founded in 1548 by the Spanish colonizer Alonso de Mendoza, La Paz has been the stage for some of the most important moments in the history of Bolivia. Although Sucre is Bolivia’s official constitutional capital, La Paz is the seat of the executive and administrative branches of government.Today, the modern city of La Paz has more than 2 million inhabitants, over half of whom can claim indigenous ancestry. Moon Valley at an altitude of 3.400 M. In the Moon Valley you will make a hike of about half an hour. The moon valley: Due to wind and water erosion over thousands of years the Valley of the Moon was formed. At a distance of only 10 km from the centre of La Paz, the sand and rock formations here remind of a moonscape. The tour ends  in your hotel.
Hotel/ hostal in La Paz
1/2 day  City tour and Moon valley
not included
Lunch – Diner
Entree fees

Optional this day you can choose to visit the ruins of Tihuanacu ( Click Here )Or do the amazing mountainbike tour Deadroad (click here )

Day 8: Flight to Uyuni and start at Amazing Jeep tours Saltflats Uyuni – Uyuni Salt lakes 3 days tour

Early transfer to the airport + flight for 1 h to Uyuni. Salar de Uyuni (or Salar de Tunupa) is the world’s largest salt flat, or playa, at over 10,000 square kilometers (3,900 sq mi) in area. From here you can do the most amazing tour in South America. The Salt lakes in 4X drive jeeps

Saltlakes Uyuni

Depart from Uyuni around 10 a.m. first, we go to the train cemetery, with all the old trains. Then we will continue to Colchani, we will drive in our 4*4 jeep. We will visit the Salt factory where they put Iodine to the salt, everything is manual. The salt workers sell souvenirs made of salt. After this visit we continue to the biggest salt field in the world with a surface area of more than 12.000 km of the thin exciting salt crust is as blinding white as the most perfect snowfield, and as a gigantic mirror in the rain season. We will venture across the Salar of Uyuni. We will be driving in the middle of this immense desert of salt. It provokes a sentiment and unreality. Enjoy the jeep ride over the salt. This place is almost 1/3 of the size of Belgium. At the border of the salar we will visit the salt eyes, salt blocks, and salt hotel. We will arrive at the Salt Hotel, an unusual hotel is constructed entirely of salt blocks, chairs, tables, and beds are also made of salt. At an altitude of 3665 meters. Along with the Chinese Wall, it is possible to see the salt flats from satellites. The salt varies from 2 to 20m. in depth. It is estimated that the flats contain 64.000 million tons of salt. The flats also contain a large reserve of Lithium, Mg, Na, Bo. We continue our trip to the Fish Island INCA WASI, this is located in the middle of the salt flats at 100 km from Uyuni, Fish Island (Isla Pescado) afford views of the flats reminiscent of the Polar region, dominated by blues and whites producing images of hills.

Fish Island is an oasis with a unique and isolated ecosystem populated by cactus up to 8 to 10 meters high. Photographers will find that fish island is one of the best sites in the world to indulge in their passion. The Island has the shape of a fish. Lunch at the island. It is full of giant cactus who give an extraordinary contrast with the salt. This island is a research center and protected. 30 bolivianos entrée. After this visit, we will continue to the small village of San Juan where we will sleep ( in shared service ) or to the nice Salt Hotel at the border of the salt (in private tours)


Day 9  Lagunas
We will depart very early after our breakfast around 8.30 AM and drive first along the hard lava from the Ollagüe volcano. Then we will continue and pass by 5 amazing beautiful lagoons: Laguna Canapa, Hedionda, Chiarcota, Ramaditas, and Honda. We will see 3 different species of flamingo’s James, Andean, and the Chilean flamingo. The Lagunas have fantastic colors created from minerals. Afterward, we will pass by the famous rock tree. We will arrive around 4 p.m. to Laguna Colorada, where we will take our diner and where we sleep very basic.(on a private tour you can have Tayka hotel)
This night it can be very cold because we will be sleeping at 4000 meters of altitude!


Day 10 Drive to San pedro de Atacama 

We will wake up very early, and after our breakfast, we will leave around 5.30 a.m. with our jeeps to this is a volcanic geyser, then we will drive to the hot spring where we can warm up!
Then we will pass through the valley of Salvador Dali, and we will arrive at Laguna Verde to see the lagoon change color. At the border of Chile you change transport and you drive for a bit more than 1 h to to San Pedro de Atacama, where you  stay in this nice desert village. 

In the afternoon/ moon valley excursion

Next to San Pedro de Atacama, between the jagged rocks and unusual shapes of the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountains), we find the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), a geological wonder of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. During the tour, you can take in the extraordinary shapes of the landscape, which will make you feel as if you were walking on the moon. We will then continue over to the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley), where we will enjoy the unbeatable views of the Andes and its volcanoes. As dusk falls you will be overwhelmed by the red and golden colors of the desert sky. All this results in a simply unforgettable tour

* the 4×4 W.D. jeep with a driver who is also a guide, only in Spanish ( optional extra charge for English speaking guide ) In shared or private service.
* 3 nice meals a day 
* Basic overnight for 2 or 3 nights in shared service ( 2 options basic in a dorm or basic in a private room) OR only on a private tour in the nice Hotel de Sal + Hotel Tayka Desierto.
*1 night hotel in San pedro de atacama 
*1 excursion to moonvalley 

Not included:
* Personal material
* Tips and extra drinks
* Entree tickets, fish island 30 bolivianos and national park 150 bolivianos (border tax if you go to chile)
* English speaking guide

Day 11 From San pedro de Atacama by bus to Salta

Today a long but beautiful bus ride. The average travel time from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta is about 11h 20m. This is the time it takes to cover the 353 km between the two cities on a beautiful route (not always asphalted). Bring something to eat for the road! Along the way you see beautiful nature. We arrive late in Salta where we have a pleasant hotel. Situated in the Lerma Valley, Salta is the capital city of the homonymous province. It is situated in one of the most fertile and nicest sites ever created by nature in this region. It is located at 1.187 meters above sea level, at the bottom of the 20 de Febrero and San Bernardo Mountains. The Hispanic architecture of the city outstands from the other cities in the country. The colonial spirit from the times of the foundation remains in its houses, streets, hundred-year-old monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounded by the mountains nearb. Upon arrival at Salta bus station, you will be driven to your hotel (private service), having the rest of the afternoon to explore the town. Since the city stress has not arrived here yet, bear in mind that during the siesta time most of the shops are closed.

Note1: optionally you go to santiago de chile on day 11, where your trip ends day 12
Note 2: optionally you do not go to chile, but to Tupiza. From here the next day you can drive to the border villazon, where you change transport to Salta.

Hotel/ hostal in Salta
Transfer in Salta 
Transfer in San Pedro 
Local bus San pedro to Salta
not included
Lunch – Diner


Day  12 Purmamarca
Purmamarca is situated in the famous Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Gorge) and gives a beautiful view on the Seven Colors Hill. The picturesque layout of its streets is centered on the main church, which was built in 1648. The same as with other villages in the region, the houses in Purmamarca are of adobe; earth, clay and straw mixed, a technology passed down through the generations. 

Drive from Salta to Purmamarca through the Salt Flats

Salta is the selected jumping-off point for travelers seeking to explore the North of Argentina. From here, you can visit the most outstanding natural monuments of the area: the Humahuaca Gorge, or the Seven Colours Hill in Jujuy, a bordering province which is also famous worldwide.

Very early in the morning, you will head northwest to Campo Quijano through RN51, and you will keep driving for the next 100 km until reaching the small town of Santa Rosa de Tástil, which was once one of South America’s major cities in the pre-Inca era. The highlight of Santa Rosa is its museum that features some treasures of the pre-Inca times, like pottery, weapons, art, mummy and even a rock xylophone which the museum curator might just display for a lucky few. Continue driving north through RN51 until you reach San Antonio de los Cobres, where Andean traditions are still alive. You may choose to have lunch at one of the scarce but cozy restaurants in the area. Continue driving for the next two hours through RN40 and take to Susques and then RN52 heading to the Salt Flats. Remember to drive carefully through the gravel road! You will arrive at the Salinas Grandes, where the natural light and reflections provide perfect opportunities for taking perspective photos! Test your creativity! And be careful of where you put your feet: there are artificial water pools in the area.

After your visit to the Salt Flats, continue driving south through RN52 through Cuesta del Lipan, an undulating stretch in zigzag that provides outstanding views. In this part of the route, be especially careful with heavy truck traffic heading to Paraguay and Chile until. At the end of the day, you’ll reach Purmamarca, located at the base of Jujuy’s famed Seven Color Hill. Take the rest of the afternoon to explore this colorful town.

Today’s suggested route: 418 km of paved and gravel road Estimated time: 10 hours

 Self Drive from Salta to Purmamarca. 

Includes Guide: Briefing self drive
Our local guide will explain everything you need to know for your self drive trip and hand you the necessary documentation
Information of the car:
Pick up: ****Day & time **** Downtown office in Salta- Address: 374 Caseros St Drop off: ****Day & time **** Salta Airport
days rental – Free Km – Drop off at airport included Company: Hertz
Category: K | Nissan Versa At. (or similar car) | Manual
Includes air conditioning, cd player and steering, airbag and abs. Partial insurance with franchise for all concepts.
Gps 3 days – Included
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL
not included
Lunch – Diner

Day  13 Purmamarca 

Drive from Purmamarca to Salta through Humahuaca Gorge
Early in the morning you will leave Purmamarca behind and drive north through RN9 discovering the spectacular Humahuaca Gorge, flanked by the high plateau of the Puna and painted in the shades of pink, red and gray. This is a UNESCO heritage site, following the line of a major cultural route: the Inca Trail. You will be able to see the picturesque towns of Maimara, Tilcara, Humahuaca and Uquía, passing through many beautiful mountains like “Paleta del Pintor” and “Pollera de la Kolla” among others. We suggest you make a stop at Humahuaca town for a quick lunch and maybe buy some souvenirs from the artisan shops, you will find the best prices here!
At Uquía you may want to visit the tiny Church, famous for its paintings of “Ángeles arcabuceros”: the ornate altar, resplendent in gold leaf, is completed by the paintings of soldier angels. After this last visit, you will make it back to Salta driving south through RN9 for the next 4 hours.

Today’s route: 320 km of paved road. Duration: 05:00 hours.

Rental Car Hertz  / Self Drive from Purmamarca to Salta..
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL
DROP OFF Car at Hertz Office in SLA. On own account from Hertz Office to HTL in Salta
not included
Lunch – Diner

Cerro de 7 Colores, Purmamarca. - Foto van Purmamarca, Province of ...

Day  14  Flight to  Iguazu

At the appropriate time you will drive from salta city through RN51 towards the airport and return the vehicle at the car rental office. Today´s route: 12 km of paved road Estimated time: 25 minutes.

Puerto Iguazú is famous for its very impressive waterfalls, which are situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The waterfalls are the widest of the world, with up to 160 to 260 (depending on the water level, which can vary) big and small waterfalls with a total width of 2.700 meters. If you are standing on the banks of the river crossing of the Paraná and Iguazú Rivers, you can even see the coastlines of Brazil and Paraguay and, if you have enough time, you may even visit these two countries by boat!
trf  in Salta to the airport  + trf  in Iguazu from the airport
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL
not included
Lunch – Diner
local flight



Day  15  Iguazu Argentina side
Full-Day Iguazú Falls Argentine side (Iguazú National Park)
Today we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Iguazú National Park, on the Argentine side. The falls are surrounded by a humid subtropical forest where the exuberant vegetation is home to many different species of wildlife. Our guide will help you spot some of them: toucans, parrots and coatis, just to name a few!
Lower and upper walkways weave in and around the falls, permitting up-close and personal experiences with this magnificent spectacle of nature. The Argentine side of the falls is filled with a myriad of paths, and walkways which allow you to have an experience from many different perspectives. You will also have the chance to visit the “Devil’s Throat”; the largest of the falls and for many, the most spellbinding. To get to the Devil’s Throat, you’ll take the ecological train and then walk out along boardwalks.
After walking around and taking pictures of waterfalls, animals and plants, you will have some free time to eat lunch in this amazing environment. This exciting, 7-hour excursion is highly recommended in order to experience the true power of Iguazú Falls!!
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL
Full Day Argentina side,waterfall tour 7 h  in Private 
Entance fees included
not included
Lunch – Diner


Day  16  Iguazu
HD Brazilian Falls, in Regular & English
Today you will visit the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. Together with a professional guide you will drive over the Juan D. Peron & Trancredo Neves Bridge, which connects the cities of Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Foz do Iguaçú (Brazil). You continue your journey over the Las Cataratas Avenue to Foz do Iguaçú National Park, one of the biggest flora reserves of Brazil. You will walk along the Brazil side of the waterfalls and have a terrific panorama view on San Martin Island and the impressive waterfalls of Bozzeti, Two Sisters, San Martin and the Three Musketiers. (Half day, regular).
Transfer OUT IGR , Regular & Spanish (flight after 16hs!)
Half Day  Brazilian side waterfalls 2 to 3 h
1 x Private Transfer in Buenos aires  – +1 transfer out in Iguazu
1 night hotel in Buenos aires
Entrance fees included
not included
Lunch – Diner
Local flight

Day 17 – Buenos Aires tour & Tango Show

In the morning we’ll pick you up to enjoy our 3-hour Buenos Aires city tour—You will be swept away by the highlights of our beloved Buenos Aires. Over the course of a half day you will have the chance to visit the historical and political center of the city in Plaza de Mayo (May Square), which contains the presidential house, Casa Rosada (the Pink House).

We’ll pass through San Telmo, with its cobblestone streets and the oldest residential neighborhood, and La Boca, where Buenos Aires turns colorful and tango is ever present; come to walk Caminito street and dance with the locals. The next stop is the chic and aristocratic Recoleta, where the big palaces remind us exactly why Buenos Aires is considered to be the “Paris of the South”. In the evening we’ll pick you up from your hotel to bring you to a mystical place where you’ll discover one of our most ancient traditions.

Tango is more than our national dance. Tango is: our immigrant origins, the talent of our local artists, the sensuality of the Argentine women, and our way to deal with a broken heart; dancing our way through tragic yet eternal love stories.

SIB Dinner & Tango Show
In the evening you will be picked up from your hotel (shared service) to be driven to a mystical place where you’ll discover one of our most ancient traditions.
Enjoy a memorable night out in Buenos Aires and experience the passion of the Argentine tango. Tango is: our immigrant origins, the talent of our local artists, the sensuality of the Argentine woman and our way to deal with a broken heart, dancing our way through tragical and yet eternal love stories. Tonight, you will enjoy a professional display of tango and music with a group of local artists onstage immersed in an elegant and alluring place. The manners, ambience, clothes and dance steps which tango lovers used to practice 100 years ago will come to life again and you will travel in time for a night.
Dinner is à la carte, beverages included so you can lose yourself in the ethereal taste of Malbec wine.
At the end of the evening, around midnight, you will be driven back to your hotel (shared service), fully in love with the bohemian spirit of our beloved Buenos Aires.Duration: 3-4 hours.
Included: shared transportation Dinner & Tango Show

Buenos aires City tour in private 5 h 
Tango diner – Show Buenos aires 3 to 4 h
Hotel or  hostal in Buenos Aires
Not included:

Day 18 – Back home

At the appropriate hour, we’ll take you to the international airport for your flight back home.

If you’re not ready to throw in the towel just yet, take some trip-extension ideas from our comprehensive travel itineraries and keep on exploring other incredible destinations in South America.

Transfer to the airport
Not included:
Lunch + diner


*Tours and transfers mentioned in the itinerary
*1 night in hotel ( lima)
*2-night accommodation in a hotel (in Cuzco), 2-night accommodation in a hotel (Sacred Valley), 2-night accommodation in a hotel (Buenos Aires), 2-night accommodation in a hotel (Iguazú) and 2 Nights in La Paz, 2 nights at talt lake tour, 1 night san pedro de atacama, 2 nights Salta , 1 night Purmamarka
*Daily breakfast.
*Meals according to the itinerary: 
*Tickets to Qoricancha Temple, Monastery of Santo Domingo, Cusco Cathedral in Cusco, Moray archaeological remains, Maras salt deposits, Awana Kancha, Pisac Market, Ollantaytambo Fortress in the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. City tour La Paz
*Iguazu Falls National Park Entrance fees
Iguazú National Park Argentina USD 27 (Only payable in the equivalent in the local currency, in cash).
Iguazú National Park Brazil USD 20 (Only payable in the equivalent in local currency or dollars in cash, credit or debit card)
*Bilingual guide (English / Spanish)

Not Included
*International or domestic flights ( we can arrange)
*Entree fees in San pedro de atacama and Uyuni
*Travel / Medical Insurance – To get a free quote please ask
*Visas depending your country
*Iguazú Eco Fee: this is a mandatory tax that you have to pay once you get to your hotel in Iguazú. It’s about $5 USD per guest, per night, and it varies according to your hotel category. Only cash is accepted.Not Included


What do we need when you make a reservation?
*Full name as it is written in your passport.* Scanned copy of your passport.
*exact arrival date and flight nr.
*vegetarian or no.
*kind of room 2 beds or 1 big bed.
*we ask 40 % deposit when reserve the rest 4 weeks before departure. Banktransfer to our Peruvian bankaccount or Wetravel ( +4,5% )

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Highlights of Southamerica, From lima to Buenos Aires ( over Bolivia and Chili) in 18 Days

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