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Learn to make your own chocolate in cusco

Take this 2-hour workshop and learn how to make your very own chocolate from start to finish. Learn about the chocolate-making process with this hands-on experience beginning with the cocoa tree and finishing with your very own chocolate creations. Discover the history of cocoa in Peru and learn why it is one of the top chocolate producers in the world. Also nice for children. From Bean to Bar Chocolate.  A professional guide will explain to you how to make chocolate from the bean to the bar. Understand the history behind the famous cocoa beans and how Peru got to make some of the finest chocolate around the world. Also possible in Lima.

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https://southamericaplanet.com/en/learn-to-make-your-own-chocolate-in-cusco/ https://southamericaplanet.com/es/aprende-a-hacer-tu-propio-chocolate-en-cusco/ https://southamericaplanet.com/nl/leer-je-eigen-chocolade-maken-in-cusco/
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Learn to make your own chocolate in cusco

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