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Nape Jungle lodge, 3 or 4 days

New Alternative in Puerto Maldonado- Tambopata Ñape lodge

Day 1
Reception at the Puerto Maldonado city’s airport which is located five minutes from our office where you’ll have 15 to 20 minutes to packaage you bags and take with you only the the necessary items for your trip. There you could leave your bagages in a safe place From there we’ll continue our trip in bus or car for about 15 minutes to the Infierno Native Community, from there we’ll embark on a motorized boat to trip along the warm and calm Tambopata River’s waters. The estimated trip time is 30 minutes. During the trip we’ll offer you the lucnch which is prepareded by our lodge chef. After this refreshing trip we’ll arrive to the lodge where you’ll receive a warm wellcome from the lodge manager. Then we’ll asigne your rooms and the guide will explain you the activity to start tour jungle tour.

Canopy tower

This is a fun and unique activity. One of our guides will guide you to the tower, a special place to help you to find and identify birds and other rainforest animals. During the visit to the diferent platforms in the tower the guide will tell you about the different levels in the forest . When you get the top of the tower, you’ll be at the tallest point (37 meters) From there you’ll see the trees around which get the 30 meters tall (100 feet or more). This is an excellent place to watch the birds visiting the tower near to your eyes. This experience is posible only from this place, it’s completely different to watch birds from the tower than  to watch them from the floor. It’s amazing to watch  the colorful macaws, parrots, toucans, tramps, tanagers, jacamar, woodpeckers, monkeys and other wild jungle animals in front of your eyes.

Dinner + Caymans searching at the river

This activity is performed after dinner. To search alligators we’ll back to the river and take a boat ride where supported by our flashlight we’ll look for the red reflex of the alligators’ eyes that sometimes are on the banks of the river. And with more luck we could have the opportunity to see some nocturnal animals habitat. Just being in the middle of nature is impressive and magical.This activity takes 45 minutes to one hour approximately

Day 2


Parrots claylike  We’ll guide you to the clay licks parrots and macaws, which is located at approximately 15 minutes on a boat trip, then we’ll get to a hidden place since there you we’ll appreciate a ravine formed by erosion of the river in a clayey way, where every morning at dawn, different types of parrots and parakeets and other species of birds meet. They perform their flutter ceremony before starting the collpeo. Which consists of ingesting Clay from the Collpa after 20 to 25 minutes will go away. It is believed that the small particles of clay serve to detoxify fruit diets of birds

Tres Chimbadas Lake Boat trip aproximately 30 minutes. After that we’ll continue with the boat trip until we reach a place where we will have to walk for about 25 minutes to reach the Tres Chimbadas lake port where we will find a catamaran that we will use to make a whole trip around the lake. When we finally arrive to the destination we will have a breathtaking view of the lake, surrounded by beautiful water palm trees. Having a bt of good luck you will be able to observe a variety of wild fauna species such as Hoatzín, monkeys, macaws, black caiman, flying parrots and maybe we could observe a family of river wolf (Pteronoura brasilienses), specie that is in danger of extinction. This attraction is adjacent to the Tambopata Reserve. In the back road we’ll be near to the Parrots Clay lick that is located  at the river border. In a 10 – 15 minutes sotp We could maybe see some parrots and guacamayos clay licking

When we finish the trip we’ll get back the lodge. And then you’ll enjoy the delicious meal that will be waiting for you and you’ll have a break time to have a relaxing time enjoying the landscape from you room. This activity takes approximately 2 and a half hours depending on how interesting is the day and the fauna.


“Ñape” Botanical Garden  To continue with our tour, we’ll visit the medicinal garden which is located very near to the lodge. There we’ll meet the ethno botanical guide who is going to share with us some traditional knowledge of natural medicine preparation. Many people still preserve the habits of giving good use to medicinal plants such us: Ayahuasca, Chacruna. Chuchuhuasi, Cat’s claw, garlic sacha and others that are used and prepared by local people specially to cure some diseases like rheumatism, colds, malaria, diabetes, fever, gastritis, cough, anemia, and more.  This activity takes approximately one and a half hour.

Bow and Narrow activity Our guide will explain the way that ancient Ese Ejas, elaborated and used the bow and arrow to hunt some animals in the area as a home maintenance activity and as a way to provide support to the couple for feeding children. To make this activity we’ll take a walk of about 30 minutes for a trail that is close to the lodge. When we get to the place we will have the opportunity to practice this fun activity. To develop this activity, a lot of concentration is needed, because it involves throwing an arrow with a bow and get the target from a distance. This activity takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the number of people assisting in the group.


Night walk  This activity is performed after dinner. It’s a night trek by one of the lodge roads looking for insects amphibians, tarantulas, bats, nocturnal birds and listening to different sounds of animals, the falling of the leaves from the trees , Which will make more  interesting the route, and with some luck we will observe some nocturnal life mammals; such as armadillo, night monkey or perhaps some nocturnal bird.

Day 3

Parrots claylike  We’ll wake up very early in the morning and with luck we’ll try to see the parrots and macaws concentration or maybe some mammal near the parrot’s claylike. To develop this activity we’ll trip for about 15 minutes on a boat. From  the boat we’ll the  erosion of the river in a clayey way, it is believed that the small particles of clay serve to detoxify fruit diets of birds and other mammals. This activity takes 20 or 25 minutes aproximately. After the birds are going to start their flights around the claylick and we`ll get back the lodge to have a delicious breakfast.


Mammals claylike  To do this activity we’ll have to walk for about 2 hours. The hidden place is located at 6 kilometers approximately and the time to get the lodge back is the same, there, a delicious breakfast, is going to be waiting for us. Like the birds, mammals meet around the claylike too. However not in the same way and not only at the same time, mammals meet around the claylike in different times during the day or the night. They are more reserved about it and do less routine. So, they are more difficult to see, unless you sit here for 24 hours. This Collpa is visited by the huanganas, sajinos, deer, agouti, squirrel, tapir. You will arrive at a place where they will stop for about 30 to 45 minutes to wait for the activity of the animals to begin. But in the course of the walk the guide will explain some species of plants and hopefully they can observe some species of mammals also


A visit to the organic fruits garden To continue with the tour in Puerto Maldonado, we will board the motorized boat again to travel for about 10 minutes to visit the Flores family farm, a member of the Infierno Native Community, who has developed a traditional and sustainable agriculture. We will take species of typical plants identification tour; such as cocona, wild potato, dale-dale, cassava, caimito, pineapple, soursop, zapote, pacay, guava, banana of silk, passion fruit among others that we will perceive from the entrance to this local farm in the community. This activity takes about 1 hour and a half to visit and travel to the farm.


Day 4

Transfer Lodge – Nuevo port – office Office – airport

* The itineraries could be changed
* The tour schedule may vary depending on the weather conditions.
* If we have a rainy day, do not worry because we offer a talk about the Ñape project, and cooking classes when our chefs begin the lunch preparation.

Not Included:
* Air flights
* soft drinks.

* Wear light clothing (long-sleeved shirts and cotton pants)
* Wear slippers.
* Take an insect repellent.
* Hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.
* Rain poncho or raincoat
* Rechargeable or battery operated flashlight
* A small backpack
* A good camera
* Good binoculars (optional)

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Nape Jungle lodge, 3 or 4 days

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