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Only Argentina, Patagonia in 10 or 14 days with Iguazu, Buenos Aires- Ushuaia- Calafate- Chalten

Only Argentina  – Patagonia  Short  in 10 or 14 days with waterfalls 

Individual tour with, hotels/transport and excursions included

From Buenos aires to — Buenos Aires
You can choose this tour in 3 options

1 Budget tour :in hostals/ local transport / excursions in international group

2 classic tour:in 3* hotels/ mix local transport – private / mix private excursions – international group

3 Luxe tour:all 4 * hotels / private transport / private excursions/ included entree fees


How do we work ?
In our packet, you travel all by yourself, Southamerica planet take care for you, we reserve all your hotels and transport. When you arrive in Argentina you find in your first hotel an envelop with all the vouchers for hotels /buses and excursions. The excursions you do in International groups with English speaking guides.
Our local agent arrange also your transfers and give you the bus tickets to go from  A to  B, like this, you travel around by yourself but without worry’s , all arranged thru  southamerica planet. If there are any problems, you always find support by contacting our offices! or via whatsapp


What is included?
* All bus transport, all hotels and all the tours as indicated in the program.
* All your vouchers, information packet, like general info over all the places you visit.
* All hotels are based on double room with private bathroom, single rooms on request for an extra price,
* all the transfers

Not included
* Your food, in the hotels is breakfast included.
* The entry fees and taxes, like airport tax.
* Local and international flights ( we also can arrange)


The most southern point of Latin America, dividing Chile and Argentina, is Patagonia. It is one of the most capricious mountainlandscapes in the world, a last impressive breaking loose of the Andes before going under in the sea.

But it is also a country of endless splendid untouched nature, penguins, glaciers, dolphins, whales. We cross over Patagonia by bus and plane concerning a very large distance, certain is that you return homeward with pure lungs and a lost heart for this nature ! As extra you get a visit to the water falls of Iguazu !


Day 1 +2  : Buenos aires
Arrival in Buenos Aires George chavez airport, the transfer pick you up, at the airport and bring you to your first hotel in centre Buenos Aires. To do this, we need your flight number and hour of arrival in advance!

This first days quietly, after a long flight you have enough time, the complete day to discover this fascinating sparkling capital of Argentina. The city has several districts with each an other face. The best picture of the city you get by undertaking a bicycle tour / included in this packet. With guide along these districts, the Plaza the Mayo, Casa Rosada (the rose presidential palace), Theater Colon, Boca football stadium ,the worker district which has been built entirely around the stadium of Boca juniors with its colourful houses.

Football is and remains very important for Argentina here lives still the football fever! You can visit the football stage in excursion a tour. The port “Puerto madero” is also worth the effort, with its an renovated dock with nice restaurants, the tango neighborhood of “San Telmo”, this is the heart of Buenos aires with many antique shops and especially the “TANGO” .Palermo” is the richer neighborhood with a lot of parks ,Recolette is the nightlife busy place,,, around the cemetery where the very well-known “Evita Peron” try to rest, or visit the famous café Tortoni.

You see sufficient and even too much to discover in this city.Evenings in Buenos Aires are also an adventure excursion.From sparkling nightlife, to tango/diner shows enthusiastic till early morning .You can in the evening enjoy Argentinean wines and huge steaks on the BBQ .

A City to enjoy from different views
Schedule: Daily  AM / PM
This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will see the symbol of our city: the obelisk. We will visit different squares such as Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martín, Plaza Congreso. Avenues like Corrientes, Mayo, 9 de Julio, among others. Historical neighbourhoods: La Boca, San Telmo, Montserrat. Elegant neighbourhoods such as Palermo and Recoleta, and the most modern: Puerto Madero. Parks such as Lezama and Tres de Febrero. We will also visit financial and commercial areas and a Football Stadium.
1 x Private Transfer International Airport EZE – City Center Hotel Based on 2 pax
2 x HD Panoramic city tour , Regular
1 x Standard Room, including breakfast, DBL


Day 3 : Ushuaia
This morning after breakfast, the transfer brings you to the airport for a flight to Ushuaia,this takes around 3,5 h. We fly over the street of Magellan’s, and we touch the original field of Yahgan- Indians, the mysterious “fire land”. The name fire land has been considered by the Spaniards , they saw Ushuaia from their boats  with a constant red smoke for sunset ,,,

Also the Beagle-canal is very famous .The mountain tops around the city become almost the whole year cover with snow and ice. Ushuaia is the most Southern city in the world, after a military base. At the port are frequently large vessels, cruising ships for Antarctica and sailboats of world travellers. Tourism in the last years strongly increases and it seems that it’s the most important source of income to become.

The Argentinean Navy is also present, particularly to protect the disputed and claimed part of Antarctica. You spend the night in one of picturesque hotels. If there’s time left, you can visit as an excursion the glacier with stunning views over the city!
1 x Private Transfer City Center Hotel – National Airport AEP , Based on 2 pax
1 x Standard Room, including breakfast, DBL


Day 4 : Ushuaia
The national park Fin del mundo ,have splendid excursion possibilities.We have 2 full days to discover the beauty of this part of the world.Tierra del Fuego have a lot to offer, here several walks are possible. The park is situated a half hour drives of the city and exists from a mount landscape with grass countries, confesses, lakes, fjords and splendid dense bunches of coihue. Undoubtedly you see the Cauquén, a goose type who is not shy and regularly visit this area.

The walks are not heavy and pass through concerning mount slopes, bunch and along the masonry bank of the Lapataia bay, you can see Chile.Included in this tour is the pleasant excursion walking/canoe/ tour in this pure nature! You can take also an excursion on the Beagle canal, where the Piporiver ends.

A boat brings you near Isla the pharaoh (the most Southern lighthouse), There are sea lions and cormorants or you take the boat which brings you to the penguin colony, or you go to the glacier with the cable car who brings you above the city, as from here you have a splendid view over the bay of Ushuaia or you visit  “fin del Mundo” museum ,where they stamp in your passport . In the evening you can have a meal with “Centolla” or traditional Asados”, Centollas are the largest crab in the world which is caught in the Ushuaia bay .This bay colours in the evening sometimes totally red.
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL
2 x Transfer Pier Ushuaia – HTL Ushuaia roundtrip , Private transfer
2 x HD Beagle Channel (Isla Lobos) , Regular excursion


Day 5: Calafate
Today we take a flight to Calafate. In Calafate a transfer brings you to your hotel in Calafate. In Calafate, which have the environment of a ski resort village, we enjoy our nice hotel in 2 person rooms with bathroom. If you want you still can visit the Laguna which lies walking distance from your hotel or you still can go on (excursion) horse ride.

It,s possible, in some cases, depending on the flight schedules of Aerolineas Argentina ,that the flight don’t go to Calafate but to Rio Gallegos. In this case we have to take a bus for 4 ½ h to Calafate and stay 1 night in Calafate before going to Chalten .
1 x Standard Room, including breakfast, DBL
2 x Transfer Airport FTE- Hotel Regular


Day 6: Chalten
Today we take the bus for  3 ½ h to Chalten,(depending hour of arrival in Calafate ). Chalten is situated in the national park los Glaciares. This is the Southern point of the Ice cap, to the foot of the Andes-mountains. It’s the starting base for exploring the Fitzroy mountains .Here is the Cerro Torre (3100 m.) and Cerro Fitzroy (3405 m) who dominate the horizon.

From Chalten starts the splendid trekking. A rising path by half forests area brings you to Laguna Torre, from where you have a splendid view to the almost vertical boasted granite rock points, covered with snow .This walk lasts approximately five hours. The torres are similar with the torres in Torres del Paine on the Chilean side, to you to decide which is the most beautiful! Chaltén have many different walks. To the Laguna the lose tres for example, where you stand on the foot of Cerro Fitz Roy with an overwhelming overview, very impressive! This walk is approximately 25 kilometres. In Chalten we stay in a hostel for 1 Night .
2 x Public bus El Calafate – El Chaltén Round trip
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL / 1 nights Chalten 1 night Calafate


Day 7: Chalten + Calafate
Everyone wake up early for an active day. You chooses a walk to your level, another highlight in this tour! If you don’t like to walk, you can relax in Chalten or go on a horse ride as excursion.

In the afternoon you take the bus for 4 h to Calafate. On the road we certainly see groups of nandu’s, south American ostriches, and other animals. Hostal /hotel in Calafate
2 x Public bus El Calafate – El Chaltén Round trip
1 x Standard room, including breakfast, DBL /1 night Calafate


Day 8: Calafate + Perito moreno
Calafate is the base for a visit to the giant Perito Moreno-glacier, which leads to an altitude of 60 a 70 m.and concerning a length of several kilometres in the immense Lago Argentino. The approximately fifty glaciers in the park forms the largest compact ice mass on the earth. This day excursion is included in this tour . Another highlight during this travel. The glacier, one of largest in the world, lies on approximately eighty kilometres of Calafate. The Perito Moreno glacier ensure spectacular moments if there giant scraps demolish ice, which floats into the blue glacier lake .The blue coloured ice, sighs and cracks already millions years under the billion tons of weight, he moves itself approximately six meters per day an unique experience !

You can approach also the glacier closer with a boat excursion. Also (excursion) a ice trek on the Perito Moreno is for a lot of us truth excitement ! With some pins under the shoes you go up the glacier. Accompanied by a glacier guide. 1 ½ h you climb over the working ice, surrounded with nothing ells than ice with strange forms. Superb blue pools of melt water are varied with walls of ice and snow. You have splendid view concerning these enormous ice mass and finish at a small bar, where they give whisky on the rocks ,so you can taste this world wonder also !You don’t need any  experience or condition. You can make in this excursion certainly the most fantastic photographs! The other day you make the amazing excursion a cruise to the Upsala glacier in the Onelli bay included in this tour. This is real worth ! An amazing journey !During this excursion you see glaciers with ice walls of 60-80 m altitude! Hostal /hotel Calafate
1 x Standard Room, including breakfast, DB
2 x FD excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier


Day 9
From Calafate you take the flight to Buenos Aires where you can enjoy your nice beef steak, or taste the sparkling nightlife.
People, who like the short version, can leave home on day 10
1 x Standard Room, including breakfast, DB
1X transfer in Calafate
1X transfer in Buenos Aires


Day 10: Nightbus to Iguazu
If this day is a Sunday you can sleep some longer after our nightlife yesterday. In the afternoon you can visit San Telmo, every Sunday is here the busy antique and Tango market. Also in Mataderos  is a Sunday market with a lot of BBQ. These markets are good to buy your souvenirs .In the late afternoon we take the real luxury bus for about 18H to Iguazu.

Don’t be afraid of this ! It’s a luxury bus with services a board ,with meals , double space seats, movies ,,,,,Its also good to relax and rest !With the bus we go slowly direction jungle with higher temperatures .
Optional you can take a flight
1X transfer in buenos aires
1X nightbus to Iguasu


Day 11: Iguazu
We arrive around lunchtime in Iguazu.Its situated northeast of Argentina, in the province Misiones, with his world famous waterfalls and his subtropical fauna and flora. Most of the time we stay in Foz do Iguazú on the Brazilian side, but sometimes in Iguazu.

These places are situated very close to each other, its a must to visit both sides of the waterfalls. The park on the Argentinean side, also have beautiful walking trails with suburb views over the waterfalls. The mild climate invites us to relax after the long bus ride, at our swimming pool
1X transfer in ushuaia
1X night hotel Iguasu


Day 12: Iguazu
This day you can, or have to take, the excursion to the world famous and impressive Iguazú-waterfalls. There are 2 excursions included ,1 day to the Argentinian side and 1 day to the Brazilian side. The views are amazing! The impressive waterfalls are situated at the border of  Brasil, Paraquay and Argentina. They are not the highest but the widest in the world! About 275 big and small waterfalls coming down over a distance of 3 kilometre ,with around 80 meter of depth ! This impression and overwhelming noise of the water coming down you never forget, for sure you also get wet ! There are many tropical animals who are used to tourists .On the Argentinean side, you walk till almost in the waterfalls, the views from the walking pads are suburb! You have enough time to enjoy this beauty of Mother Nature. The highlight is the visit to the biggest waterfall ‘Garganta del Diablo’. You also can do some treks in the jungle around the waterfalls. One of the most spectacular excursions is the boat ride, this go very close till even under the waterfalls! Its fun and adventure and gives you breathtaking pictures of these falls!!! We guaranty you get wet!
1X  excursion Argentinian side full day in group
1X night hotel Iguasu


Day 13: Iguazu  – Buenos Aires
This day you can take as excursion, the helicopter flight over the waterfalls! This is a breathtaking experience! Like this you have a perfect impression on how big this falls are! Today you do half day excursion to Brasilian side. The Brazilian side gives you the best overview of these impressive waterfalls .
1X  excursion Brasilian side 1/2 day in group
1X nigh hotel buenos Aires
Transfer in iguasu
transfer in buenos aires



Optional: Dinner & Tango Show incl. regular transfer in/out downtown, La Ventana
In the very heart of San Telmo, this historic restored tenement (known as conventillo) is a classic example of the culture of the old city of Buenos Aires. The premises of La Ventana take a trip to these old times. The interior, which preserves the building in its purest style, creates the ideal setting for a unique experience which includes 32 performers, two tango orchestras, an Argentine folk music group, dancers and singers. Besides, there is a menu consisting of national and international cuisine and an exquisite selection of Argentine

Day 14: 

Transfer to the airport and flight back home

Included in the whole program
* Meet & Assist.
* All services mentioned in above offer, except for optional services.

* Intercontinental flights.
* Domestic flights, unless otherwise mentioned.
* Departure taxes or reciprocity fees.
* Not specified meals, optional excursions and tips.
* Entrance fees to National Parks, unless otherwise mentioned.
* Gasoline, parking costs or other car expenses in case of car rental.

Domestic flights can most probably be cheaper arranged via an Air pass of the destination. Please check your own flight/IATA contact. Flights stated in the proposal are example flights; therefore flight times and prices are subject to change. Not before southamericapanet has received the full payment of the booked flights on their account, the flights can be printed. Up until that  moment flight prices, times and availability is subject to change.

General conditions 
– Travel itineraries are on base of availability of the locations by booking. Hotels/providers can still implement price changes; therefore prices are subject to change in case no reservation and down payment is made.

Travel itineraries are excluding (National Park) entrance fees, unless this is otherwise mentioned in the proposal.
– 24 hour per day accessible by emergencies. The emergency phone will be forwarded in case for any reason the emergency phone is not instantly answered. In this case we ask you for your patience, as the forwarding takes a few minutes.
– Drinks are not standard included in the meals.
– At arrival in Buenos Aires the passenger obtains an information package with travel information, map of Buenos Aires, vouchers and if applicable a route description and bus tickets.
– In case the passenger wants to make alterations to the travel itinerary while already being in South-America, any extra costs will have to be paid by the passenger himself.
– A good covering health & travel insurance is obligatory.

What do we need when you make a reservation?
*Full name as it is written in your passport.* Scanned copy of your passport.
*exact arrival date and flight nr.
*vegetarian or no.
*kind of room 2 beds or 1 big bed.
*we ask 40 % deposit when reserve the rest 4 weeks before departure. Banktransfer to our Peruvian bankaccount or Wetravel ( +4,5% )

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Only Argentina, Patagonia in 10 or 14 days with Iguazu, Buenos Aires- Ushuaia- Calafate- Chalten

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