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Start Packet Peru-Trujillo – huanchaco in 3 Days, Chan chan- Huaca sol y luna- El Brujo

Here we give you Start package to discover Trujillo and Huanchaco in 3 days

The archaeology of Northern Peru is at least as interesting as the archaeology in the Cusco area! It is the capital of the marinera dance and Peruvian El Paso horse breeding. It was the center of the Chimú culture (1100-1400 AD), with its citadel, Chan Chan, as the largest pre-Hispanic mud-brick construction in America.  Trujillo was founded in 1534 as one of the main cities in the vice-regency. The old quarter features many fine colonial buildings such as the Cathedral, the El Carmen monastery, churches, and mansions which symbolize the beauty and architectural harmony of the city. The Chan Chan citadel, the El Brujo complex, and the temples Arco iris and the Dragon, among others. There are pieces of evidence of highly advanced northern civilizations.

You can choose this tour in 3 options

1 Budget tour : in hostals

2 classic tour: in 3* hotels

3 Luxe tour: all 4 * hotels ( in private )

chan chan

Day 1  Arrive Trujillo 

Transfer from the airport or bus station to Huanchaco or Trujillo. Huanchaco where you can relax in a hotel close to the beach. Temples, pyramids, and mud cities that survive the inclement weather: Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol y la Luna, and El Brujo. The area offers stunning colonial architecture and living culture with deep-rooted traditions, such as fishing on Caballitos de Tortora (the traditional reed rafts of the northern coast), and famous beaches that attract surfers from around the world. This is the birthplace of the sensual and seductive “Marinera”, the national dance of Peru. Hotel Huanchaco or Trujillo 

City Tour 1/2 day
– Visit of Trujillo city. The tour begins in the Main Square, Cathedral, Urquiaga House, La Merced Church, the Emancipation House, Iturregui Palace and finally we visit the Archaeological Museum of the National University of Trujillo.

Day 2 Huaca sol y lima + Chan Chan

Today we visit Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimú Empire, it extended over more than 18 km2. The Tschudi Palace, placed in the southwest of Chan Chan, is one of the most well-preserved and well-decorated palaces. It is decorated with geometric shapes and low-relieves animal draws. You will also visit the ceremonial places, the grain stores, and the cemetery. It is a huge urban complex made of a kind of mud called adobe. The greatness and perfection of this city are expressed in its highly decorated walls, long passages, ceremonial squares, palaces, workshops, and warehouses. There was room for 100,000 people, virtually a city-state. After this, we drive to the pyramids of “Arco iris”, also known as “Huaca El Dragon”, built by the Chimu culture between the 11th and the 15th century and surrounded by a 6 meters high wall. Huacas del Sol and La Luna – Huacas de Moche Site Museum
– Visit of Huacas del Sol y La Luna, capital of the Moche culture. At the moment Huaca de La Luna is in excavation mode. It is possible to see the beautiful murals with the representation of The God Ai-Paec, also known as the “Decapitator.” 

Day 3  The Brujo Complex – The Lady of Cao Museum
– Departure to the Chicama Valley to visit the Archaeological Complex “El Brujo”, the administrative center of the Moche culture. The temple Cao Viejo is the visited place. On the walls of the temple, there are designs of prisoners, warriors, and other important ceremonial designs. In 2006 was discovered a royal tomb of a principal woman, called “The Lady of Cao”. All the objects, and as well the mummy, are in exhibition in the Cao Museum.

Transfer to the airport or bus terminal 

– Transfers in/out.
– 2 Breakfast.
– 02 nights accommodation in Trujillo or  Huanchaco
– Private or shared  Tours.
– Professional Tour Guide in Spanish, English, French or Italian.
– Entrances fees for all the tours.


– meals and drinks
– other no mentioned tours

NOTA / we can arrange local buses + flight tickets from or to Trujillo or private transport.


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Start Packet Peru-Trujillo – huanchaco in 3 Days, Chan chan- Huaca sol y luna- El Brujo

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